Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wave on Campus @ St. Paul College Pasig

With Martha, Marcy, Li and our Korean friends :)

January 25 and 26.
The Wave 89.1 crew invaded the walls of St. Paul College Pasig and joined their talent fest and fair entitled "Represent."

We took care of the Dedication Booth. And it served as "training ground" for my students - the High School Radio Broadcasting G.I.F.T. students. They practiced their adlibbing and hosting skills for two days, and with me on the side spinning the music for them. Even if we basked in the scorching hot noon-time sun, we still had a blast!

Krispy Kreme Cuties!

For more pics, check this out.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2007: The Good Stuff

Although 2006 will always be remembered as The Good Year, 2007 wasn't so bad...

...i got promoted! From dj (2001) to production manager (2005) to creative director (2006) to ASSISTANT STATION MANAGER. 'Stig!

...i bought my 2nd new car!
(I thought I'd never be able to buy my own car. Now, at 28, here's my second one! Meet Sweet Cheeks...)


...i bought my own laptop! The Fujitsu U1010. Love it!

fujitsu u1010

...i got rid of all my long tresses and braved a sexier look!


...i learned that with determination, i can lose 8 pounds in less than a month.
(Three and a half weeks to be exact. I went to the gym 4x a week and fed on corn flakes, salad and sandwiches. Then I went to Eastwood in my bikini!)


...i went back to boxing, and learned to do Muay Thai.

with obet and rolly

...i learned to pole dance!
...and grew closer to my friends in the process.


...i established closer ties with my friends.


...and rediscovered the true meaning of bestfriendship.


...i had plenty Tagaytay trips with my beau...


...and flew to Cebu with Director Jackie Aquino's team! (no pictures though. Sorry!)

...i became a teacher! (Radio Broadcasting Gift Class at St. Paul Pasig)

radio gift class

...i finally have my own bedroom! yey!

my own room

my dresser

lovely tiles

...and best of all, i had a wonderful 2007 holiday season!

new yr 2008

Above: Hon and I, New Year '08. Below: Christmas with my family.



Above: New Year '08 with my family. My mom does not know the meaning of "crazy shot." Below: Some extra photos. We were doing last minute Christmas shopping at The Block. Mahilig kami sa funny face, me and my family. :)

at kimono ken

gulat look

gulat look

And that wraps up 2007. Crossing my fingers and hoping that 2008 will bring even more blessings, love, laughter and togetherness. Pera na din pwede? :)

Happy New Year!