Monday, April 27, 2009

Congrats Team EAP!

For wrapping up another successful project. Woot woot! Actually, we're still finishing the last few stages of it, but the exhausting part is over. Sabi nga ni Alvin, pagoda cold wave lotion kaming lahat! Hehe.


We took care of the graduation pictures / grad photo coverage of all the AICS branches this year. Three months of non-stop hard work! Whew! I'm so proud because we accomplished everything on our own, just the 5 of us. For the grad ceremonies, we got a really good photographer friend of mine to help out - Vida Tan. Thank you, Ate Vida! Next year ulit ha. :)


And congratulations, kudos, props, salutations to Team EAP! Job well done!

This ain't your ordinary events team! Events at Play Events + Prod. Inc. is comprised of Alvin, Anne, Adie, Ant and Andrea.

Check out all our kulitan photos!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Count your blessings.

I had my car washed the other day at our usual place, at Petron Don Antonio. There's this tomboyish-lady who always makes sure my car is extra clean and shiny, without a speck of dirt left. Here's how our little chat went that afternoon:

Lady: Ma'am, sa inyo pala iyang school na iyan. (points to the AICS signage above the wall. Our commonwealth branch was right beside the gas station.)

Me: Oo nga.

Lady: Yaman talaga ng pamilya niyo, ma'am.

Me: Hindi naman.

Lady: Ma'am, baka kailangan niyo ng janitress diyan. Ako na lang ang kunin niyo.

Me: Sige, sasabihin ko sa Dad ko.

Lady: Ano bang kailang pag nag-apply ng janitress? NBI clearance yata. Meron ako nun.

Me: Naku, hindi ako sure eh. Dibale, babanggitin ko sa Dad ko. Sabihan kita.

Lady: Sige, ma'am, ha. (then she looks at the other car wash boys listening to our conversation) O diba, janitress diyan. Ayos yun!


Our conversation left me thinking. Nakakatuwa noh? Maging janitress lang siya sa school namin is already a big deal for her. It would already be something that would make her happy, and grateful.

Samantalang tayo, those who are blessed with so much, ang dami nating reklamo sa buhay. We're never content. When God gives us a thousand bucks, we complain and ask for a hundred thousand more. When God blesses us with good health, we complain and wish we were better. When there's more than enough food on the table, we wrinkle our noses and crave for something else. When God gives us a good job, our hearts grumble with discontentment and wish we were somewhere else with better pay or better workmates.

Wouldn't life be so much better if we had joyful and thankful hearts? If we counted our blessings more often? If we kept track of all the things we have, instead of all that we lack? If we thanked God for all His blessings in every prayer, instead of complaining and asking for more?

Minsan siguro kaya ayaw na tayo i-bless ni Lord. Kasi He already gave you so much to be thankful for, but you don't see them, or refuse to count them as graces, and ang dami pa nating hinahanap. So siguro hinihintay muna ni God na mag-thank you tayo, and rejoice with what we have, before he grants more of our wishes.

So why not start now? Make a list of all the things you should be thankful for. Even the smallest of blessings. Your family, your home, your friends, your job. Wala kang sakit. Wala kang kaaway. Wala kang problema. You'll be surprised when you go through your list. You'll realize how much you're blessed, how fortunate you are compared to those who don't have enough.

My mom always tells us, kapag hindi ka marunong magpasalamat sa Diyos, baka kunin niya yung blessings mo at ibigay sa iba. So bago pa gawin ni God yun, mag-thank you ka na. And feel your heart become lighter.

Thank you, God! God bless you!


Saturday, April 18, 2009


1. Not sure or certain; doubtful.
2. Inadequately guarded or protected.
3. Not firm or fixed; unsteady.

(From the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language)

I may be insecure about certain things. I'm too shy. I'm not good in striking conversations with new people. My english is not impeccable. I'm not physically fit, although I do have a tummy that's flat as a surfboard. I don't look like Angelina Jolie. I don't know my current events that much, you'll have to fill me in. I don't understand basketball and politics.

But with what you accuse me of being insecure about? Believe me. You got me twisted. I know what's mine. And oh I know what's NOT yours and what you will never have.

This is where I have my last laugh.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cheers to love!


We met on this day, nine years ago. We've been together since then.


My hand still fits perfectly in his. Our bodies a perfect mold, our laughter a harmonic unison, our steps in sync, our paths one, our lives intertwined.


Marami na kaming pinagdaanan. Career shifts. Hair styles. Fashion senses. Ideals and principles. Life-altering choices. At the end of the day, or at the end of every journey, we both agree on one choice: to stay together.


He loves me, flaws and all. And I love him just as much.

Happy anniversary, sweetheart! Here's to growing old and losing all our teeth...side by side.

After all that we've been through, it all comes down to me and you,
I guess it's meant to be, forever you and me, after all.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What women want...

(Found this in one of my 2006 posts. Cute. So I decided to re-post.)

Admit it. Us girls, we always want...




Sweet surprises! An unexpected visit, a gift for no special occasion.



Guys who open the door for us. Or give up his seat. Or let you have the last piece of cake.
Or let you wear his jacket even if he's freezing to death.

Guys who always text back. Guys who text you first. Guys who call you more often.

Guys who love you more.

Guys who make a fuss over how they look when you're going out. Just like the way we fuss over our dresses and our hair, even if he never notices. Just so we know he wants to look good for us.

Guys who notice our hair. Or the new blouse you bought just for the occasion.

Guys who act polite, even if they're steaming with anger.

Someone who will treat us right.

And love our family. No matter how insane they are.




Time. Lots of it.

Love. Lots of it.

Blame it all on yourself 'cos she's always a woman to me.




Back to work...bummer.

And this is where Izbel mutters, "Oh bother!"


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finally...a holiday!

Radio jocks don't usually have holidays. We go on-air even on Christmas and New Year's Day. The only holiday we get to enjoy is the Holy Week. Holy Thursday and Good Friday, when the stations go off the air. This is when we say kudos to the Catholic Church. Without the Holy Week, deejays like myself will have to work all days of the year. That would've sucked. So for having this season in your calendar, Church, you rock!


During the Holy Week, a lot of people leave the city in search for some sun, fun and frolick at the beaches or some foreign country. Some stay in the metro to go around churches, the usual Catholic ritual of visiting seven sites. (I can't remember if it's seven, though. Correct me if I'm wrong.) Some just go for R&R at home, or in hotels.

As for me and my sisters, we PHOTOSHOP! :)

The big EAP project we're working on is still...well, on. We're editing the graduation pictures of all 2,800 students of AICS, and we're not done yet. We've finished more than half though, and that's already a good thing. 4 branches left, so that's about 1,000 photos. I think we pretty much can finish that by Saturday, what with four diligent people working on it: me, Adie, Andrea and Alvin.

It's a tedious project, but who's to complain? It's a big blessing. So since the Holy Week is a time for reflection, I'm reflecting on how good God is to our events team. Thank you, God!


Sometimes when we thank people, we feel so much appreciation that we wish them to be blessed even more.

"Thank you! God bless you!"

What if we're so thankful to God?

"Thank you, God! God bless you!"

Just thinking out loud. :)