Thursday, August 30, 2007

Powerbooks is on sale, so my beau and I bought a few reads yesterday at their Shangri-La branch. Guess what I got? A couple of Nancy Drew books! The classic hard-bound ones. :)

nancy drew 2 nancy drew

I remember when I was in fifth grade. We didn't have money to buy pocketbooks, so I just borrowed the classic Nancy drew books from the library. They had the complete set (or almost complete), and I remember reading it all from 1 to 60 or 70 something, can't really remember. But I read them all. And I simply adored Nancy Drew!

So when I saw them yesterday, I was happily reminded of my younger years, and I knew I had to grab as many as I could. And the never-ending sleuthing begins!


Over lunch at Chocolate Kiss today, my beau and I talked about life (as always) - experiences, ideas, and the reason why I wrote this entry - career. I found myself telling him na sana my family would just put up a high school and I'll just work there. And I actually meant it.

Don't get me wrong. I love my job - as a dj. But as a manager - wow, it's exhausting! True, I am merely the assistant station manager, but still - handling the jocks, keeping the peace, coming up with meetings, putting things into action, acting according to your position, making sure you're worth what they're paying you - it's a tough job. I'm not really complaining. It's just that if I had a choice - I WANT TO START DOING SOMETHING ELSE.

1. I want to be a cook.
Actually, I want to be a chef. But I guess I have to start with being a cook first. :) I want to take up culinary arts. Learn to bake, learn to make scrumptious meals. Not just cook but to know also how to present food in such a way that nobody can ever resist. Then I want to have my own restaurant. I'll bake my own desserts, and if ever I have dayap cake, I'll make sure to call it Tangy Surprise to make it more interesting. :)

2. I want to study fashion design.
Yes, I want to be a fashion designer.

3. I want to learn how to speak fluent French and Spanish.
Admit it. This is absolutely impressive!

4. I want to own my own hotel.
Well, you'll never know. Dreams can come true!

I want to start doing something else but I don't know where to begin. I just know that, if I say...

"I'm the assistant station manager of Wave 89.1" people will go - "Wow" or "Really"


"I can speak French." people will go - "Ooh, impressive!" or "Brilliant!"

"I'm a cook." people will go - "How interesting! So what is your specialty?"

Much better.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007



And for someone who's new to the Queen City, I'm quite stupid because I didn't take any pictures. So I have nothing to share but stories, my dear friends.

Anyway, I was hired by Director Jackie Aquino to do the voice-over for Samsung Style Watch at the Waterfront Hotel - a 3-day fashion event featuring the works of topnotch designers from Cebu and Manila. It was a fabulous five-day stay for me! Living like a princess, I swear! Not only was I surrounded by beautiful and glamorous people, I was having the time of my life living like royalty - no tiring work, no driving, all our meals were buffet, someone cleaned the room in the morning, and someone turns the covers down and lays fluffy slippers by the bed at night. Buhay prinsesa! And the best part - no bill to worry about upon checking out. Heaven!

I didn't get to go sightseeing because we didn't have much leisure time. But I super enjoyed my stay. And I will go back DEFINITELY for a vacation next time. Shangri-La Mactan - wait for me! :)


After a month of finishing all seven Harry Potter books, I've moved on to a new read and finished it during my Cebu break. Love it!

I got the book at A Different Bookstore in Eastwood, one of the titles the manager there recommended that I read. And I was not disappointed. The story is simple yet beautifully-told. And the "crying" moments will really get to you. I actually found myself teary-eyed and sniffing during rehearsals. Good thing nobody really noticed, or probably pretended not to. :)
Go read this. It's a good one.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Magic of Harry Potter


For one whole month, I have journeyed with Harry Potter. I have read all seven books, and I immersed completely into the story, watching every twist and angle like seeing through Dumbledore's pensieve. I felt more than just a reader. I was part of all the triumphs and tribulations of three great friends - Harry, Ron and Hermione.

If you have not read the books, you are missing a great deal. People will talk about The Chosen One, and you will be left in the dark.

If you, like me, have gone on seven years of adventures with Harry, then you share my sentiments of joy, awe, and utmost praise to the creator of this wondrous epic tale - Joanne Kathleen Rowling.

30 days of journeying, of magic and wonder, of sleepless nights and crying my heart out. All of the incredible, wonderful adventures - both happy and sad - will forever be etched in my memory, like Harry's lightining scar.

I will definitely miss The Boy Who Lived.