Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Aba! Nagka-camera lang, feeling pro na! Hehehe :)


Just me and my beau trying to bring out our artistic sides (kung meron man)...

My first masterpiece. Kanin yan. :)

While lunching with Alvin, I took this one. He likes it. But his opinion doesn't count. Mahal niya ako eh. :)

Minsan walang magawa ang daddy ko sa pera niya so he buys weird looking furnitures and stuff for the house. Eto he bought for the sala.

Syempre mas artistic si Alvin. Mas mukhang "pro" ang pictures niya. :) This one he took while we were chillin' at Starbucks Libis.

At mas matiyaga siya mag kalikot ng features. So he was able to take a pic like this.

This one he took sa Starbucks Eastwood. Syempre ako lang dapat ang model niya. Ang galing mo honey! Yey!

Galing galing ng honey ko mag picture! :)

Eto nagandahan lang ako sa bahay namin. :)

Eto nagandahan si Alvin sa room namin sa Astoria Plaza.

Eto nagandahan siya sa akin. :)

Saya pala ng may camera! :)

Kwentuhan tayo...


We had the annual Radio Partners Xmas party, and the usual presentation per station. Wave was the Host Station this year, and the theme was Radio Music Awards. We did Motown, so here we are in our costumes. I was Diana Ross, and the Supremes were Jada and Pam. Rye and the other guys were the Temptations. Garry and the other guys (ulit) were the Jackson 5. Marv was Marvin Gaye, Tyrone was Rick James, Monique (of Dynamedia) was Mary Wells and Don was Stevie Wonder.

And WE WON! Champion kami! Yahoo! We bagged 35K!


So nag-celebrate kami...


...and celebrated some more!

Inuman at Tyrone's condo in Eastwood. Happy happy! And bonded by friendship!



More kwento, more pictures!

Syempre nagka-camera lang, picture picture na forever! :)


Picture picture with my sweetheart.
Kulitan sa booth with my partner Rye.



Nung birthday ni Dad, nag shopping kami. Picture picture ulit...


Habang si Dad busy sa paghanap ng furnitures...


Nung napagod, nag-merienda. Picture picture pa rin! :)

Ang saya talaga kapag masaya ang pamilya! :) Thank you Lord!

Merry Christmas!

Thank you Lord for a HAPPY CHRITMAS this year!
A tree filled with gifts!
A table overflowing with food!
And a home full of love!


Thursday, December 7, 2006


I got promoted! :)

Rising ranks to a new title - Creative Director. Together with the Programming Director and the Sales Director, we now stand as Wave 89.1's Station Manager. The three of us will be reporting directly to our General Manager, Joe D'Mango. It's a big leap for me, and a huge responsibility as well. I have so many plans in mind already, and I never really thought I'd find it thrilling. Well, it is. And the salary jump is exciting too. :) I just hope I won't disappoint.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Say cheese!

Look what my beau got for me!
cam ko 2
A brand new Canon Ixus digicam. Yey! :) I've always wanted to buy a cam, so I could easily take pictures anytime, anywhere for my blog. And my honey made my wish come true!
cam ko
Thanks baby! Now I'm ready to snap and click away! Yey! I've actually taken a couple of pictures already but I haven't had the time to transfer them to my PC. So I'll feature them next time. :)

Thursday, November 2, 2006

I believe in love...

It surprises me why people who married on the rebound, and after a couple of years end up fighting and wanting out, try to put the blame on something else. It's the husband's fault, the wife's, the kids...

Why'd you get married in the first place? Because you were broken hearted and you said "yes" to this "convenient" guy without thinking twice...without thinking at all.

I believe that if you marry for the wrong reasons, you'll end up making the annulment lawyers richer. Either that, or you'll be stuck in a bottomless pit feeling so very unhappy.

I want to believe that love is real, that happy-ever-after tales do happen. If only everyone would listen to Diana Ross - you can't hurry love, you just have to wait. Why tie the knot in a rush when you'd want to be untied afterwards? Why not wait and be really, really sure before jumping in? Better safe than sorry.

I have a friend in talks with an annulment lawyer. After 18 years, she wants out. Married for the wrong reasons. She believes in love, too. And I know it's not too late for her. Or anyone for that matter. She's bound to find Mr. Right (the right Mr. Right this time), fall head-over-heels in love, walk down the aisle a blushing, happy bride, and after many many years hold hands with the same Mr. Right, toothless and wrinkled but still in-love.

It can happen. It HAS happened to some. The first step: MARRY FOR LOVE, NOT FOR ANYTHING ELSE. That's non-negotiable.


Been so busy the past few weeks. My dubbing projects have all started. Two at Roadrunner and two more at Twenty Plus. It's a blessing, and one should never complain. But I must admit that it can get exhausting. Driving to and from Makati almost everyday...what a feat.

But I love my job. I don't consider it a sideline anymore. It's my work. It's my career. I enjoy the acting, the drama. I enjoy being the star, the bida, even if it's just my voice they're hearing.

I've been thinking of resigning from radio and concentrating hundred percent on dubbing. It's going to be a big jump, a great risk. I also love radio. But I find more fulfillment in being a voice talent, a dubber. Maybe because in dubbing, I feel important. I play a big role. I'm needed.

I don't know...

So I just sigh...and let things be for a while.


I miss a lot of things lately...

Free time.
Nights-out with Pam.
Hours of talk and good food with my besty.
Holding hands with my man.

To compensate...

I shop!

Monday, October 9, 2006

Thanks Bets! :)

Look what my sister Adie's friend BETTY made for the D&G!


Rye and I LOVE it! Thanks Betty! Kudos to you Angelina Betty Jolie! hehehe :)

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Top 5 Reads!

One of the resolutions I've so diligently kept this year is to read more books. My fave shop: A Different Bookstore. Powerbooks is OK, but if you really want to trim down the shelves to the really good titles, A Different Bookstore is the perfect place to go.

Five wonderful reads you might want to check out...

ship of brides
A glimpse at the lives, adventures and the drama of WWII war brides, shipped from Australia to England. Beautifully written. Each varying emotion captured without being oversentimental. Love this one!

cause celeb
CAUSE CELEB, Helen Fielding
From the writer of Bridget Jones' Diary. You might find the first couple of chapters uneventful. But the plot elevates towards the end, and you'll find yourself teary-eyed, or maybe overwhelmed with emotion if you're a softie. Starvation and death in Africa is the main setting, and you'll be amazed at how fame and celebrities can actually save the day.

angry housewives
I love this book! The story is so REAL. The title states the plot quite clearly. Angry housewives. Different lives, different domestic dilemmas, bound together by their incredible friendship and their book club. Light without being too chick.

snow flower
The extraordinary friendship of two laotongs, their adventures as they grow up and the lessons they learn along the way, is what this novel is all about. Very beautifully written. Like me, you might find the story incredibly sad. But the plot is magnificent. Don't be deceived by the seriousness of the cover. You'll have a hard time putting this down.

makeup girl andrea semple
THE MAKEUP GIRL, Andrea Semple
If chick lit is your thing, then this book is a must-grab. Light, funny, exciting and fun! You'll love the Makeup Girl and her everyday adventures in the city she lives in and the world she has spun for her mother's good graces. Nakakakilig! You'll love the ending. It's definitely feel-good.

Monday, September 11, 2006

D&G Rules! Hurrah!

Hear ye, hear ye!

The AC Nielsen 2nd Quarter 2006 Car Survey says...

D&G Rules!

The Drive & Grind with Anne & Rye is the highest-rating show over Wave 89.1

In behalf of my partner (and Simon, hehehe) THANK YOU, dear listeners, for making the D&G your favorite afternoon staple.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

On top...yet again!

In the recently concluded AC Nielsen 2nd Quarter 2006 Car Survey, Wave 89.1 reigns again! Monday to Sunday, 5:30AM to 12MN, the metro's most influential radio station soars high, topping the charts, and leaving the other upscale frequencies eating our dust.
From the bottom of our hearts...THANK YOU dear listeners!

Wave 89.1 is #1...
on the road.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I am loved!

flowers 2
On our monthsary yesterday, my beau surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers sent to my office. We celebrated 6 years and 4 months of loving and togetherness. I have never received delivered flowers before, and you can just imagine the surprised look on my face when the delivery boy announced it was for me. Mababaw for others, but I was ecstatic. I was enveloped by that warm feeling you get when you know you are truly loved.
Happy 6 years and 4 months baby boy! Thank you for loving everything about me - even my crazy impossible side. Mahal na mahal kita!

XOXOxxOXxoxOo! :)

Friday, August 4, 2006

On love...

Have you seen Sense & Sensibility, the film adaptation of one of Jane Austen's works, that starred Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman? Wonderful movie. I don't know, but there's something about these films or stories that I just love. I get lost in it. Absorbed. Moved. Like I'm part of it, and I feel every emotion. Maybe in my past life I was an Elinor Dashwood.
sense and sensibility
Or Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice.
pride & prejudice2
Maybe I once lived in the romantic olden days, when men knelt down when they proposed, read poetry and spoke so beautifully. The old world where women dreamt of true love and passion, and men stammered with emotion when professing their love.
pride & prejudice
Yes, I am a hopeless romantic. Blame it on authors like Jane Austen. They keep the memories of of a kind of romance long forgotten alive in the hearts of few dreamers like me, who still imagine rainbows and Shakespeare and being swept off one's feet. Aah.. glorious love. If only it still existed in our time. The future has changed the face of romance. No more dashing debonaire on horseback. Or gentleman so besotted he cannot speak straight or dace touch a girl's hand for fear of rejection. No kissing, only curtsies and staring passionately into each other's eyes.
sense and sensibility2
You cannot imagine the pleasure your presence has brought upon me has long been replaced with phrases bolder but far less romantic. Love is so different now. It has changed with the times, evolved into something shinier, slicker, compact, quick, uncomplicated and more daring - but in the process has lost all its elegance. You can just imagine how things - relationships - will be years or generations from now. One simply cannot bear to imagine.

But, for as long as the stories of Jane Austen exist and are remembered, the glory that was once Love shall live on - yes, in the hearts of few dreamers like me.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Goodbye Lolo...

I was at the gym when I got the news. After my workout, I went to the locker room to check my cellphone. My dad texted me: Patay na lolo mo. He just left 45 minutes ago. My partner Rye was outside on the treadmills. I went out to tell him I couldn’t board anymore. I didn’t want to cry, but I broke down in his arms as soon as I told him that my lolo had passed away.

Driving to the gym that morning, a tiny yellow butterfly sat on the windshield of my car. It just stayed there for a couple of minutes, mindless of the strong wind that was pushing against its soft wings as I drove. I looked at it, and for a fleeting moment I thought of my lolo. What if this was his spirit already, bidding his farewell? I whispered a prayer: Wag naman Lord. My dad’s flight is tomorrow pa. Let him say goodbye to Lolo first.

The butterfly was my lolo’s spirit. He kissed me goodbye.

I have happy memories of my lolo. He loved me more than anything else. I was his favorite apo. We used to live with them in their big house in Mandaluyong. At night, we would always sit side by side on our garden grotto. My lolo would make himself a big glass of Birch Tree milk. And he would hand me an equally big glass of Milo, without water. I would munch on the crunchy brown granules, sitting beside him, while he told me many, many stories. I can’t remember the stories anymore, but the clear picture of the old man with the kind eyes, sitting beside the little girl, teeth all brown with Milo, is forever engraved in my memory.

After we moved to our own place in San Juan, I would go to his house and spend the weekends there. One time, I forgot to bring my toothbrush. So that night, we were all in his and lola’s bedroom, watching TV – lolo, lola, Tita Monette and Tita Ayet (my Dad’s youngest sisters). I stepped out of the bathroom and announced that I forgot to bring my toothbrush, and asked if there was anyone willing to lend me theirs. Tita Monette and Tita Ayet laughed – yuck! Ayaw nga namin magpahiram ng toothbrush! My lolo gave me a hug and said – sige apo, gamitin mo yung sa akin.

This was a long time ago. We all moved to BF Quezon City in 1991. Once again we lived with my lolo and lola in one house. Good times. Then around 1993 they – lolo, lola, Tita Monette and Tita Ayet - migrated to the US.

We only had one visit from them, one Christmas season during my college years. But even if we lived seas and continents apart, the bond I shared with my lolo was never broken. Everytime we spoke on the phone during special occasions, he would always cry and say Annejoy, yung favorite kong apo. Mahal na mahal kita.

I graduated from college, worked in my dad’s school, moved a few steps up the ladder, resigned, became a DJ for Wave – my lolo was there to witness everything through conversations on the phone, or pictures and stories sent thru email. I sent him details of my achievements – a copy of my album review column for a glossy magazine, a picture of myself when I was featured in Chalk, my KBP Golden Dove Award for Best Radio Jock. Lolo was so proud of me. I was, and forever will be, his favorite apo.

If you check out his wallet, the only picture you’ll see is MY picture. No snapshots of my lola, who passed away years before. No photos of his sons and daughters. Just the smiling picture of a young girl – ME – his most loved granddaughter.

I was about to end this when I remembered another story. Lolo always wanted me to go the US and visit him. He said he has money saved up for my plane tickets. I never found the time.

My dad went to visit him sometime last year. They were in a car shop. Dad wanted to buy this really high-tech car alarm system. When he was about to pay, Lolo fished out his wallet and told my dad – eto pera, boy. Bilhan mo rin si Annejoy ng ganiyan. He knew I just bought my own car. He wanted to buy that special alarm for me. My dad said – wag na. Tago mo nlang yan. May pera naman yun. Dun na siya bibili.

I think I have some pictures of my lolo somewhere in my photo album. My dad showed me a picture of him during his most recent visit, about three months ago. He looked very, very old. So much different from the picture I have of him in my memory. He was already getting sick and very weak that time. He suffered from a stroke, his second or third in his lifetime. After that, he gradually withered.

Now, my lolo is resting in peace. I know he is happy. God has sent angels down to bring him up to Heaven, where my lola awaits. But before he succumbed to his last breath, his spirit fluttered over me this morning, farewell butterfly kisses.

Goodbye, Lolo. I love you and I will always remember you.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

What a girl wants...

Admit it. Us girls, we always want...

Sweet surprises! An unexpected visit, a gift for no special occasion.
Guys to open the door for us. Or give up his seat. Or let you have the last piece of cake.
Or let you wear his jacket even if he's freezing to death.
Guys who always text back.
Guys who'll text you first.
Guys who'll call you more often.
Guys who love you more.
Guys who make a fuss over how they look when you're going out. Just the way we fuss over our dresses and our hair, even if he never notices. Just so we know he wants to look good for us.
Guys who notices our hair. Or the new blouse you bought just for the occasion.
Guys who act polite, even if they're steaming with anger.
Someone who will treat us right.
And love our family. No matter how insane they are.
Time. Lots of it.
Love. Lots of it.
Blame it all on yourself 'cos she's always a woman to me.

Driftwave Car Show '06

Wave 89.1 had its very succesful car show Saturday at the north open parking lot of the SM Mall of Asia. This is our first for the year. The event was dubbed Driftwave '06, in line with our premiere of Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

We had about a hundred cars and SUVs on display. We also had a drifting exhibition from team DMF. The drifters were amazing. I wanted so much to ride with one of the drivers, but I couldn't muster the courage. When I finally decided to take the risk, the exhibition was over. Ngek. Too bad.

It was a fun event, even after staying under the sun for 7 hours and getting completely sunburned. If you see me now, you think I've been to Bora over the weekend. Hehehe... Close. The mall's near the sea anyway. :)

Here are some pics of the cars that graced our show...








The HOT Hyundai Getz... (balang araw magiging ganito rin ang Getz ko...)




And my favorite entry to our Ride the Wave 2 car competition...



Why this is the favorite of almost all the jocks? Well, he's the only guy who thought of painting our faces on his car. Sweet! :)



I'm not sure if this car won because I left before the awarding ceremony. But if it did, the owner drove home that day with 89,100 pesos worth of car gear. 'Stig!