Monday, January 31, 2005

Lazy weekend...

The weekend was pretty restful. Rested the whole day Friday. Went out Saturday. Went to Wave to work on this Nike project with Rye. The whole theme is hiphop so I needed his help. Sunday was couch potato day. I stayed on the sofa, muching on Nova chips and Eden cheese chunks while watching RAISING HELEN (which was so-so, but I adore Kate Hudson because she is just sooo beautiful!) and this 2003 flick called CONFIDENCE. Starring Edward Burns, Rachel Weisz, Dustin Hoffman and Andy Garcia. A MUST-SEE! So much smarter and more exciting than Ocean's Eleven and Twelve. If you enjoy theft flicks, guys stealing money and getting away with it, you guys should see this!

Meeting up with my beau, then with my besty this afternoon. Perfect way to start the week!

Oh by the way, finally I've been able to catch my besty's show on ABS CBN. Showbiz #1. Finally I got to see her do her thing, and boy am I proud of my one-and-only bestfriend. Luv ya bespren! :)

Friday, January 28, 2005

Dizzy spells!

Woke up this morning feeling dizzy, nauseated and my limbs just felt weak. I was thinking maybe I just needed some sugar fix, or carbs or whatever. But I felt even worse just thinking of food. So I dragged myself to work, and tried with all my might to sound normal. But I couldn't do it. So I recorded my news, and let Keiko (my new partner) do all the live talking. I had to go home before I collapsed. Very bad timing...I missed out on the Close Up Wow Whattamouth remote broadcast tonight. The client chose me to do it. But I got sick. So Pam had to fill in. Sigh...

Conversation with my Mareng Ida this morning...

Hey mare...can you do the remote for Close up for me tonight? I'm not feeling well.
Why? What's wrong?
I don't know. I'm not sick naman. Just dizzy and I feel like throwing up. And I don't even want to think of or smell food. Kasi I'll throw up talaga.
Hala! You're not naman pregnant?
No...God no! (pause) No, I don't think so.

Then we both laugh.
Just found the exhange amusing. You always know how to make me feel better mare... :)

Monday, January 24, 2005

Flight of the Phoenix

I want to die now. And be reborn.
I want to be liberated from the ties that bind my happiness to certain people, or circumstances.
I do not want happiness to depend on someone, or something.
I want to be thankful.
I want to run as fast as I can, without knowing where to go. I just want to run.
I want to ride a bus to places I've never been, with just a book and one small bag sitting on the empty seat beside me.

Some people can watch a movie alone, cry at the sad parts, laugh at the funny ones, and have the popcorn all to themselves.
I want to try that.

I want to go to Europe, and feel the cobblestones under thin slippers. Wear a sundress and a hat and sunglasses, and walk the streets filled with strange foreign people.
I want to smile at a stranger.

Ride a boat. Get on a yacht. In a bikini, with my hair flowing.

I want to drive up a mountain and sing with the windows open.
I want my car to be pastel pink, with flowers painted on the doors, so nobody else would want to drive it.

I want to fly.
I want to have supernatural powers that make me different from everyone.

I want to follow my heart, and forget all reason.

I want to be reborn. Like a phoenix.

The D&G Duo!

Last Friday, Jada (Mareng Ida) switched shifts with me, so I did the 6-9pm slot. And guess what? My ex-partner Rye boarded with me. He does the 10pm Friday show, The Main Source. He went to the station early that day, around 730, and so we boarded together, and it felt just like old times. It felt great actually, sharing the show with him again. It made me realize just how much I missed Rye, and just how well we blend together, on and off the air. I remember when we started doing the D&G together, we didn't have any "adjustment periods" at all. We got along really well from the very start. Our tandem was perfect, and it was too bad when he quit because of the sched and matters concerning his other job. Rye said I should just move to a later boardwork schedule so he could join me again. Of course, that isn't my call. And I'm not really sure if I'm willing to give up doing sign-on. I just hope Sir Joe would realize what a great duo we make - me and Rye. So they'd finally stop giving me these new guys to board with. It's getting really tiring for me - adjusting to new partners every time. Oh well...

Anyway, I enjoyed Friday very much. Boarding with Rye again, and even doing our "goodbye rap" due to the listeners' demands. :) It was fun, it felt great, and it felt RIGHT! Plus, Friday was extra special, too, because I spent the whole afternoon with true friends of mine - Ida and Tita Mags. We binged on pretzels and nuts, walked around Galleria to look for maternity clothes for Tita Mags, and we grabbed some tops at Mossimo. Super fun! And I'm happy because I made Ida feel better. She's been having a few hang-ups lately. Luv ya mare! :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


I scratched the chin of Hon's car last night when I was on my way home. I passed Libis, going to the Marikina shortcut, and there's this part of the road under the new flyover that's super bumpy and uneven. There was this huge bump, and I thought it wouldn't reach the chin because I've passed through the same route unscathed before. But last night, it did. The left side of the chin got scratched. And I feel really bad because the chin's new. Hon was so proud of it after he got it from A-Toy last week. And I just put a bad white scratch on its lower part. Stupid me. :( I called up my beau as soon as I got home, and he was so nice and understanding and comforting that it made me cry all the more. I know he's upset about it, but he's still so nice to me. Ganun daw talaga kapag nagsasanay pa lang magdrive. :( I just feel so bad. I wish I could get my own car soon... :(

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Lord help me understand!

Things I will never understand...

1. How people can live with so much greed and envy in their hearts.
2. Why people would pull someone down when they see him rising up the ladder.
3. Why there are people who feel like they're "nalalamangan" when they're not.
4. Why people who are not 100% dedicated to their jobs demand for fairness and equality in the workplace.
6. Why there are some people who look like f*cking peso signs.
7. Why someone would exalt himself when he's not even good in what he does.
8. Why men lose their balls sometimes, and it's always the women who can speak out loud.
9. Why sometimes evil wins, and nobody defends the good ones.
10. Why life is sometimes unfair to those who are right.

Kung Fu Hustle!

Hon and I watched Kung Fu Hustle yesterday. Super funny flick! People who've seen it have already told us that it was really good, hilarious even. And when I checked the ClicktheCity review, they gave it 5 out of 5 stars. So hon and I went to Shangri-La to see it. And we were not disappointed. Nice way to relax is to watch a comedy flick. :) There are more nice-looking movies coming out soon. That means A LOT of movie dates for me and my beau for the next couple of weeks. :) (check out the sidebar for movies to look forward to!)

Monday, January 17, 2005

Happy weekend!

Enjoyed the weekend very much!

I drove by myself for the very first time! I brought Hon's car home last Friday. After dropping him off to work, I drove his car home. Hon's care is a Matic Honda Civic. So much easier to drive than the stick shift, but I shouldn't spoil myself because I'm not getting a matic. :) I was so nervous! But I tried to keep my cool, and look like I've been driving all my life. Hehehe. :) I got home in one piece, and the car scratch-free! :) The next day, I woke up at 230am and half an hour later I was driving along Edsa with all the trucks beating the truck ban. I had to pick up my beau at 330am. Now it's my turn to be the "driver!" :) It was super fun! What an experience!

After catching a few hours' winks beside my main man, we went out and had steak at Grills & Sizzles. Not as good as House of Minis, but it's okay. Then I bought cakes at Lia's Cakes, the store that belonged to Vin's friend, Carlo.

And after that...
Off to Eastwood I went, with Dad, Mom and Andrea. We had early dinner at Super Bowl of China. Last Thursday I got my dad a pair of jeans at Mossimo. We went back to have the size changed. Then dad bought another pair. In exchange for the jeans I got for him, dad bought me a pair of jeans at People R People. :) Mom bought a new pair of shoes, and Andrea got a new top. And I bought a new stick of Burt's Bees lip shimmer in Rhubarb, plus a new loofah at Beauty Bar. Before heading home, I bought dad a latte, and for us girls, we slurped on fruit shakes. We bought a couple of DVDs from Omar the DVD man. :) And I had a happy smile as we made our way home. I love spending time with my mom and dad! :)

We went to SM North. Dad needed to buy a new housing for his cellphone. We had lunch at Mangan, and bought some ice cream cups from this little kiosk at the Cyberzone. Then we heard mass at Claret, and I drove the Besta home. :)

Although I didn't get much rest over the weekend, I enjoyed it a whole lot! So much for wanting to finish my HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL book... :)

Sunday, January 9, 2005

Ready to drive!

Today was the last day of my A-1 driving lessons. I've completed 15 hours and today I "graduate" with flying colors. I am now ready to hit the streets of the metro and drive along with everyone else. And it feels great! I feel so accomplished. I learned one new skill, and I feel like I achieved something really great and important. :) Even if I paid about 8k for my driving lessons, it was worth it. Now I know how to drive. And it makes me more excited to finally get my car.

On Tuesday, I'll be going to A1 SM North. I paid an extra 1,200 for assistance in getting the Non-Pro license. After that, I can drive by myself. Yahoo! This girl is ready to hit the road!

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

The year that was...

2004 has been a busy year for my career. I think it was during 2004 that I've had the most hostings, recordings, VO jobs and other rakets. I've grown and learned a lot in the past year. And though sometimes I stumbled and made a few boo-boos, I've triumphantly stood up after each fall, and walked on forward, chin up. Here are some of the Wave events that made up 2004, all these I hosted in...

LIVE & EASY BAR TOURS - we hit Chili's Morato and Greenhills with a bang this year, as they celebrated their anniversaries with us. I hosted the one in Greenhills. Mareng Ida (Jada) hosted the gig in TMorato. And I went there, too, just for kicks. Cheers to friendship!

STRANGE ENCOUNTERS (The Wave Halloween Event) - we worked really hard to put this event in motion. We (me, Robi, Ida, Kel, Garry and Gerric) concocted this concept, and we spearheaded the entire thingamajig. The event went well. A lot of people went in their scariest costumes, and the night ended with a display of Erik Mana's spectacular magic!

SENSES SPIN @ MOOMBA - concert and magic show in one. We had Thor and Wings Soriano, and the magic of Erik Mana. Most of the people came there for the latter. :)

STICK ONS GALORE! - hosted quite a number of stick-ons this year. We had the Okotberfest stick-on at Robinson's Galleria, where Robi and Duncan of Southborder dropped by. We also had a stick-on at SM North. And who can ever forget our stick-on at Greenhills, where we gave out tickets to the Alicia Keys concert that was happening on that very night! :)

WAVE ON CAMPUS - My very first hosting gig with Rye was at UST. Forgot the name of their event. Anyway, we had Nyoy Volante and Mannos that night, and a couple of Thomasian bands. Thomasians rule! :) Then Rye and I hosted the campus tour at St. Scho. That was a super fun event! Keith Martin was the main attraction, Thor was there, Luke Mejares, Nyoy and Jimmy Bondoc.

RNB GIGS AT THE BASEMENT - the first time I hosted in Basement, Libis, I experienced culture shock. No kidding! That was during the Beatbox Competition. I forgot to get some pics. Anyway, after a while, you get used to it. The crowd is always game. It's just really hard getting in and out of the place, and the smoke - goodness! Garry (DJ Tayshaun) did most of the mixing during these events, together with MC Chaze. And I must say, it's easy money. Just do a little talking, thank the sponsors, throw out some prizes and after that, you walk out with 3K! :)

THE NOTEBOOK PREMIERE - one of my fave movies of 2004. I hosted the premiere, but I didn't watch that night, because I still had boardwork early the next day.

THE WAVE ANNIVERSARY CONCERT - Wave turned 3! Yahoo! We had a super fun anniversary concert. The crowd was great! And a fire started the event...hehehe...the Timezone sign bursted into flames. We had lots of stars that night - Jimmy, Nyoy, Aliya Parcs, Pido, Kyla, Nina, Sun Valley Crew, etc.

WHITE CHRISTMAS - I was duped! Hehehe...I thought we were going to have real snow that night. Instead, we had foam! But that's okay. We still had a great time. Jimmy and Nyoy performed, Rebekah, Kitchie Nadal and Silk. Mareng Ida and I got 2k each, for hosting 'til the end of the show. A for effort, and cheers again to friendship!

YEAR END RNB PARTY - at the Basement again! The most crowded RNB gig I've hosted. Had fun. The crowd was super game. Everybody wanted to have the CDs I gave out, premiere tickets, even the Sun Cellular umbrellas! It was really fun! A really good way to end the year 2004.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Welcome 2005!

The holidays are over, and it's back to work for me! Not that I really had a vacation. But it's back to work for the office people, and the whole place is buzzing with activity once again. Somehow I miss the silence when nobody but the jocks on board were around. :) Everyone's here again. We have an on-air staff meeting tomorrow (geez...not again!) and my boss has started the year by going to work at 7am. I wanted to leave early today because it's our monthsary today, me and Vin. But I couldn't slip out of the office early. Dyahe. :) Anyway, the New Year celebration went by pretty OK. I was able to join the traditional family get-together this time. We hogged the videoke, and took lots of pics! (I have yet to post the files on my dad's camera.)

Hon bought himself an RC. His Holiday present for himself. My gift for me? My car. I'm still waiting for it. :) On Sunday, I checked my weight and I gained a pound. 105. Bummer! But the resolution I'm trying to keep for the New Year is to have less complaints. So I'll just be thankful my snug clothes still look good on me. The holidays are over, and so is the eating spree. The extra pound will be gone in no time. :) Speaking of eating spree... you might want to check out Macau Restaurant in Eastwood, Libis. Their buffet breakfast and lunch are amazingly CHEAP! 130+ for breakfast, 199 for lunch. Cool, huh? Hon and I just found a new favorite binge stop. :)

Sunday, January 2, 2005

A moment of reflection

I have spent most of my holidays watching CNN and BBC, watching the updates on the earthquake/tsunami tragedy that has now been labeled a global disaster. The death toll has risen to more than 140,000. Thousands more are still missing. And I can only imagine the despair that survivors are now feeling, wondering what fate has bestowed upon their missing loved ones, fearing that they are dead, among the unrecognizable corpses or eaten up by the vast ocean. Many countries refused to celebrate the New Year. Even people faraway from the devastated Asian countries had silenced festivities – people in New York, in London, in France, in Denmark. The whole world communed in silence, grief and prayer. Nations, governments and races united in giving aid. And it’s utterly sad (even sad is an understatement) watching the destruction and death that the tsunami have brought. Now, more than ever, we should count our blessings. For those of us who have celebrated Christmas and New Year in our homes, with complete families, with bountiful food on our tables – now, more than ever, we should be thankful. We have been spared of this severe blow. Many of our fellowmen have spent the holidays in grief and despair, losing loved ones, losing homes, injured, hungry, huddled in camps without clean water and decent food or decent clothes. It is a terrible sight. The best that we can do is to pray, for both the survivors, and those who have died. And reflect on our lives – how blessed we are, how kind God has been to us, how much we should be thankful for. The best New Year’s Resolution is to have less complaints in 2005. Less grumbling and grudges, and more gratefulness, more love, more compassion. Look around you… If your family is still complete, no matter how much disagreements and differences set you apart – be thankful. Your job – no matter how tiring and dreadful it can become – be thankful. Be thankful for friends, people you love, and people who love you back. I guess that now, more than ever, I am very grateful. I’ve never felt so lucky. I don’t have much, but I have more than enough.

Your prayers are very much needed by the victims of this dreadful tragedy. Let us pray for those who have survived, who will be dealing with this trauma for most of their lives, after seeing what they have experienced. Let us pray for those whose lives have been taken so suddenly, in the most horrible way. Let us pray for those who have lost loved ones, homes, for those who would be needing to rebuild their entire lives over again. And let us pray that this tragedy would never happen again, and that our loved ones would never go through such a painful experience as this.