Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Lord help me understand!

Things I will never understand...

1. How people can live with so much greed and envy in their hearts.
2. Why people would pull someone down when they see him rising up the ladder.
3. Why there are people who feel like they're "nalalamangan" when they're not.
4. Why people who are not 100% dedicated to their jobs demand for fairness and equality in the workplace.
6. Why there are some people who look like f*cking peso signs.
7. Why someone would exalt himself when he's not even good in what he does.
8. Why men lose their balls sometimes, and it's always the women who can speak out loud.
9. Why sometimes evil wins, and nobody defends the good ones.
10. Why life is sometimes unfair to those who are right.

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