Saturday, May 23, 2009

All things happy!

...the month of May brought these and more! Good times with the family, lotsa love and positive vibes.

May 15, my youngest sis, Andrea, had a fantastic debut celebration at the BFQC Clubhouse. Organized by Adie, Ant, Alvin and myself - a.k.a. Events at Play, Inc. :) It was a Summer Beach party, so everyone came in their summer outfits. Every detail had the feel of summer - orange and yellow colors everywhere, a beach background for the photo wall, fire dancers, a roasted pig, dirty ice cream, etc.

Welcome drinks for the guests. Spiked punch. Adie was the one who took care of this, being the tomador that she is. :)

Care for some cotton candy?

Authentic UP Diliman fishballs and more!

Who doesn't love dirty ice cream?

The best lechon in town can only come from Leonardo's Lechon.

The food choices were all pang-beach. Banana leaves for plates. Waiters in summer outfits. Perfect!

I didn't want Bek to be seated on a lonely throne on a boring stage. So I made her float on water while the 18 shots and 18 gifts were called.


Surprise serenade from R&B sensation, Thor, who also came in his summer attire. :)

Apoi Fire Dancers!

It was one helluva night! And everyone went home smiling and for Bek's friends, with wet swimsuits. More pics on my multiply home.


Meet the newest member of our family - Lily Potter! Our new 2-month old Labrador pup. We absolutely adore her!


And I bet you will, too, once you check out her other pics. I couldn't take nice shots, as pets are not my area of expertise in photography. So most of the pics were taken by Alvin. Thanks, babe!

Life is good when you surround yourself with positive vibes. So let's go spread some love! :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bring on Good Vibes!

I was reading this month's issue of Cosmopolitan, and this part of the You You You article caught my attention.

Tone down your inner perfectionist every once in a while.

"A perfectionist is only momentarily happy, which results in a pretty tedious life," says Sue Patton Thoele, author of The Woman's Book of Confidence.

Once you realize that reality is never perfect, you'll learn to appreciate even the small flaws in yourself and your life.

And other people's flaws as well. Diba?

We could all learn from that.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I have learned that...

- it pays to be kind
- one must be generous in giving compliments
- being too much of a critic is a sad, sad thing
- always thinking that you can do better than someone is exhausting
- being patient has its rewards
- when you break someone's heart, it takes time to put the pieces back together. sometimes it's not even possible.
- once you've made your choice, stick to it
- once you've hurt someone, apologize
- communication is eternally essential
- no one is indispensable
- love doesn't always come in a pretty package
- true love must always be unconditional
- acceptance is a wonderful gift
- you mustn't bother worrying about things you can't change
- there is always someone better than you
- you don't have to boast
- arrogance and pride leave you cold and alone
- you're not always right
- God is in full control.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On Vacay!

My Dad doesn't always get free time to take us on vacay, because of our schools and all the workload. So when finally we get the chance to go on a break, Dad makes sure we'd have a great time. And we always do!

So off to Subic we went. It was a weekend of many firsts for me: first time to go to Subic, first time to watch a tiger feed up close, first time to pet a camel, first time to be kissed by a sea lion, first time to pet a dolphin, first time to watch a high-dive show. What fun!

We were the only ones given this chance to pet the dolphin. We even got to feed it and shake its fin! Saya!

High-dive Act. These guys were cool. And I had a major crush on one of them, Derek the comedian.

Kissed by a sea lion. Kewl! Just don't tell my dermatologist. :)

Reptiles bore me. Because most of them don't move. Buti na lang this croc decided to show off.

The tigers were so cool! I wanted to touch this tiger's teeth. Then I decided not to risk it. Smart choice, my dear. But really, I was hoping a tiger would actually bite off someone's hand. 'Stig!

Monkeys and more animals at the Zoobic Safari.

The best thing about family vacations like this? Everything's FREE! The parents pay for everything! Wheee! Thanks, Dad and Mom, for the awesome vacay! More pics on my multiply home.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

We're in Subic!

Vacationing in Subic with the family. We were here Friday night, despite the stormy weather. Thankfully the sun made its presence felt yesterday when we went to the Zoobic Safari. The reptiles bored me to death, but the tigers were awesome! Medyo bitin lang.

Wake up kitty!
The tigers were awesome! This one, though, was too lazy to entertain the guests.

Nice camel! He fondly welcomed my petting. :)

Dad made a crazy decision to extend our vacay 'til Monday. Syempre wala akong choice but to stay with them. Unless I want to take the bus by my lonesome back to Manila.

At the hotel pool
At the hotel pool with my sisters

More photos when we get back! :)