Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On Vacay!

My Dad doesn't always get free time to take us on vacay, because of our schools and all the workload. So when finally we get the chance to go on a break, Dad makes sure we'd have a great time. And we always do!

So off to Subic we went. It was a weekend of many firsts for me: first time to go to Subic, first time to watch a tiger feed up close, first time to pet a camel, first time to be kissed by a sea lion, first time to pet a dolphin, first time to watch a high-dive show. What fun!

We were the only ones given this chance to pet the dolphin. We even got to feed it and shake its fin! Saya!

High-dive Act. These guys were cool. And I had a major crush on one of them, Derek the comedian.

Kissed by a sea lion. Kewl! Just don't tell my dermatologist. :)

Reptiles bore me. Because most of them don't move. Buti na lang this croc decided to show off.

The tigers were so cool! I wanted to touch this tiger's teeth. Then I decided not to risk it. Smart choice, my dear. But really, I was hoping a tiger would actually bite off someone's hand. 'Stig!

Monkeys and more animals at the Zoobic Safari.

The best thing about family vacations like this? Everything's FREE! The parents pay for everything! Wheee! Thanks, Dad and Mom, for the awesome vacay! More pics on my multiply home.


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cpsanti said...

ow, you got to pet a dolphin! they're one of my fave animals ;-)