Monday, May 18, 2009

I have learned that...

- it pays to be kind
- one must be generous in giving compliments
- being too much of a critic is a sad, sad thing
- always thinking that you can do better than someone is exhausting
- being patient has its rewards
- when you break someone's heart, it takes time to put the pieces back together. sometimes it's not even possible.
- once you've made your choice, stick to it
- once you've hurt someone, apologize
- communication is eternally essential
- no one is indispensable
- love doesn't always come in a pretty package
- true love must always be unconditional
- acceptance is a wonderful gift
- you mustn't bother worrying about things you can't change
- there is always someone better than you
- you don't have to boast
- arrogance and pride leave you cold and alone
- you're not always right
- God is in full control.

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