Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Len's Birthday Surprise!

Someone had a blast indeed! My besty celebrated her 29th with a whole lotta love and smiles and laughter and bonding with friends and loved ones.


And I gave her a little surprise while she was at work. Check it out!

Happy birthday bespren! They say everything in the world is temporary. I say, our bestfriendship defies that! Love you!


Friday, September 26, 2008

I smiled. Thanks. :)

I asked for Starbucks so I wouldn't tell anyone it was his birthday.

And his reply...

"Oh you're worth more than a Starbucks. Believe me!"

...came just when I was feeling lonely, and in need of a little reassurance that I was worth something to someone.

Perfect timing, my dear. Thank you. You know who you are.

And I hope your birthday was a blast. :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

You don't know me.

It saddens me how some people misjudge me. Snotty. Proud. Cold-hearted bitch. The strength of my character and personality have caused others to think that I am such. Which makes me thankful to have friends who know who I really am, inside and out.

Sorry for being so dramatic today. I was pained a little by a remark made by someone who's very close to me (who apparently does not know me well enough): Napaka suwerte mo... You don't deserve something so good and true. Wow. Thank you so much for your faith in me and your vote of confidence.

There are many things that I have kept silent about. And I choose to keep mum still. I just want to speak a little to defend myself. I have gone through hell, slapped in the face many times, rejected repeatedly, been treated like shit over and over. And yet I am still here. Choosing to understand.

If you do not know me, if you don't have your facts straight, if you don't know my story, if you haven't the slightest idea how I've suffered yet chose to forgive, do not judge me. You have absolutely no right to judge me.

Happy birthday besty!


When the stars don't shine anymore, I'll be there.

Love you bespren!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

More photos of the workshop...

...taken during the Maximizing Point & Shoot Photography Workshop that Hon and I attended. Thanks to Michelle and Arvin for these awesome mementos. :)

group pic
Maximizing Your Point & Shoot Photography Workshop Batch 3. With teachers Michelle Morelos
and Arvin Yason

crazy shot
Crazy shot! Ang cute mo dito, Arvin. :)

48 years to get this right! Finally, nagkasabay-sabay din ng talon. Hehehe. Thanks for the patience, Arvin!

highlighting anne
Couple shot. By Arvin Yason.

Looking forward to future photography classes!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Such photographers!

Hon and I enrolled in a 2-day photography workshop entitled "Mastering Your Point and Shoot." It was held at Gray Area Studio in Makati, and our teachers (who were so cool!) were Arvin Yason and Michelle Morelos.

michelle and arvin

Yesterday was the last day, and we proudly took out our assignment, our best photos, for our teachers' perusal.

my photos
These were my pictures. Most of them were shots I took when Hon and I went to Cebu. The most recent was the one I took of him while holding his new guitar.

I wasn't able to take a picture of Hon's photos, but I'm so proud to say that his shots were the best among the class! Second best lang yung sa akin. :)

Anne: Magtatayo kami ng studio namin. Kakalabanin namin si Arvin.
(class laughs.)
Michelle: Sige. Tapos magwo-workshop na din ako doon.
Anne: Sige, sige!


all eyes on arvin
Arvin shows us how to control the camera's focusing feature. Lahat super attentive. :)

michelle morelos friends
Our teacher, Michelle Morelos; our classmates.

I was showing Glacil how to play with colors.

astig love
Yey, my certificate!; Hon and I discovered that our teamwork makes us dynamic and unbeatable.


Happy birthday sweetheart!

My beau turned 30 last Sept. 9. I took a leave from work to spend the whole day with him and his family.

That morning, I went to his house and surprised him (well, it wasn't actually a surprise because he knew we were spending the day together) with a birthday cake complete with the candles. :)


Ate Vange cooked pancit just for the occasion and she served it up with some Santi's cold cuts and the other viands that were to be Alvin's lunch handa. After taking pictures, Hon and I happily sang the birthday song together. :)

make a wish

After that, I asked him to go to my car and take out my other surprise. He was just seeing the icing on the cake. I still had another gift awaiting...


I bought him a guitar, and Honey looked like a happy little boy who got a great, big package from Santa because he was good all year. :)


Hon was looking at guitars when we were in Cebu, saying he wanted to get himself one. He didn't buy there, though, because they were so expensive. So when we got back to Manila, I already knew what I was going to give him on his birthday.

After unwrapping his gift, we sat down together in the living room and sang More Than Words.



Happy birthday sweetheart! Love always.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My soul satellite...

...I'd be lost in space without you.


And I'll never lose my faith in you.

Happy birthday, babe. Love always.

Friday, September 5, 2008

So true!

How often should you tell your partner you love her? BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE DOES.

Why should you hold her hand all the time? YOU WOULDN'T WANT SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT, WOULD YOU?

- something I learned from one of the speakers at the 1st Ziglar Sales Summit.