Friday, April 29, 2005

Musings on Marriage

I have been thinking about marriage lately. Not that I have plans of tying the knot in the near future. Just musings during one of ‘em days. I have a few friends who tell me not to get hitched, not until I’m in my mid or even late thirties. Famous lines…

Enjoy being single.
It’s better without a husband.
Just get pregnant, and stay single.
You’ll be sorry, I’m telling you.

Why such a negative outlook, I wonder.

I think of my own parents. My dad calls my mom “sweetheart.” My mom calls him “honey.” They still hold hands when we go to the mall. They still cuddle, and run around the kitchen like little kids. They still act the way young couples in-love do, sans the PDA OD.

I think of my besty and her husband Edward. They seem to have a very happy marriage. They’re celebrating their first anniversary in August. They don’t have major, I’m-moving-out fights. They don’t have secret affairs. They’re happy. And they’re certainly not complaining.

I remember my grandpa. When my grandma was still alive, he worshipped her, even at the age of 60+, with wrinkles all over and white hair she tried to cover with dye. He would always tell us that grandma was the most beautiful girl in their school. When she passed away a couple of years ago, he was devastated.

So is it really better without a husband? Some single, liberated women may say YES. Some unhappy wives would probably nod their heads. Some of my friends, who married on the rebound, would agree a hundred percent.

I look at my beau, and the years we’ve spent together, and recall the happy moments as well as the sad ones, times when we fought, and almost gave up. I wouldn’t mind spending forever with him. In fact, that would be wonderful. Never mind the fighting, and the misunderstandings. Here’s someone who loves me for me, even after seeing my bad side – I turn into a really mean Incredible Hulk when I’m angry, and I don’t like fixing my stuff so he fixes them for me – and still he loves me. Would I rather NOT be married to him someday? I don’t think so.

Being single, a woman of the world – it’s great, it’s liberating. But when you’re feelling down and out, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone to dry your tears and hold you close? When it’s cold at night, wouldn’t it be better to have someone put the blanket around you and watch you while you sleep? What do you think?

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


annej's car edited
Met up with my besty last week. And she was happy and excited to see my new car. As usual, she had her camera with her, and shot away. Thanks to her I have these nice pics of my car, and me while driving. Thanks besty!

I washed my car over the weekend, gave it a good shampooing. Very tiring, but it was worth it.

Still, it seems so surreal – the fact that I am now driving my own car, which I bought with my own money (my besty’s exact words.) Sometimes I have to tell myself, “Why are you getting a cab, silly? You already have a car.” I guess it’s just too overwhelming, and I need more time to take it all in. Hehehe… dramatic.

Yesterday, a friend of mine told me that I should’ve gotten an automatic. And again, I felt bad. I really can’t afford the 550grand matic. I’m getting used to my manual car, and yes, it can get really exhausting when it’s traffic. But that’s better than having no car at all, right? Please…don’t rub it in, my lack of funds for a matic. I believe I made a good choice with my car now. Don’t rain on my parade.

I am hoping to get better after a few weeks more of driving. I still fumble a bit with the gears, but the ride’s getting smoother each day. Today, I am going to Makati for a recording. I hope I don’t get lost again. :) After that, I’m heading to Eastwood to catch a flick with my good friend Ida, and buy Gonuts Donuts (which I have never tried before.) Still have to bring my car to the shop, but I’ll do that tomorrow. Today, I will give my time to Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn. I hope THE INTERPRETER will not disappoint me.
the interpreter

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bought my own car...shet, malaki na talaga ako :)

getz 3
April 18, 5:00 PM, I finally got my very first, my very own car – a shiny hiphop red Hyundai Getz. Originally I wanted to get a Kia Picanto. I guess God DOES have a reason for everything. That’s why I never got the Picanto. Because the Getz is a much better car.

Why the Getz?
A bit bigger, more leg room.
Power windows.
Power steering.
Better engine.
Better AC.
You can adjust the side mirrors from inside the car. (with the Picanto, you still have to open your window.)
Sleeker look.
Awarded BEST SMALL CAR OF THE YEAR. (check out the Hyundai Australia website. The judges say it’s better than the Honda Jazz.)

I wanted to get an automatic. Unfortunately, I can’t afford it. The matic costs 549grand. So I just got the 1.1 MT. I’m still in the process of getting used to shifting gears while concentrating on the road. I didn’t have problems with that when I first started learning at A1. But after driving Vin’s matic Civic, I got spoiled. Really spoiled. So now, I’m still adjusting. I took the Getz for a test drive after getting it from the dealer. Dad was with me. And he gave me helpful pointers. And a sermon or two, which I enjoyed hearing.

The bank was kind enough to lower the downpayment requirement and interest rate of my loan. Mom and I were fixing all the money stuff last week. I needed to pay 107K. Since November of last year, I’ve been putting almost all of my telenovela and raket earnings in time deposits. I didn’t think they’ve already reached a hundred grand. So you can just imagine how amazed and proud I was when I found out how much I’ve saved. I was able to pay for everything, and have a little left for 4 months worth of amortization. Saving has never been my thing, I spend and splurge as I please. But it’s different when you have a goal. And I thank God for always giving me chances to earn.

Now my waiting is through. I’ve reached my goal, and the next step is to discipline my spending, and keep track of my money for the next 3 years. I have to work extra hard, but I’m not complaining. I’m very thankful.

Let's celebrate!

I already got my car! My very first, my very own! A red Hyundai Getz. Updates and pics soon...

5 years and forever...

hon and me
My man and I celebrated our 5th anniversary last April 16. We are now 5 years old! Cheers to 5 years of loving and understanding, of holding hands and embracing, of kissing and laughing, of enjoying each other's company, of facing life together. We don't have a perfect relationship, we've gone through trials and rocky grounds, but our faith in love and in each other has kept us strong. And I am glad that I'm with this guy - his love gives me the strength to face life and everything it throws my way.

Happy Anniversary to us, baby boy!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

More Bora Pics!

More photos from my Bora adventure...
w d boys
posing with the boys in our cottage. lying beside Garry, Ajie and Habs.
hanging out
hanging out at Summer Place - with Ajie, Gerric, Habs, Garry, Jun DJ and Tin of RX.
hanging out 2
sharing tigersharks near the beach front - me, with Gerric, Ajie, Garry and Tutay of KLite.
goijng snorkeling
off to Croc Island for our snorkeling adventure!
snorkeling near Croc Island. That's me in the middle doing the peace sign. Gerric is beside me, we're both happy because we succesfully found Nemo! :)
happy people
posing after snorkeling!
mossimo bikini summit contestants...NOT! :) posing with Jun DJ and Tin of RX in front of the Regency Hotel.
me geric n tin
posing outside our cottage - me, Gerric and Tin of RX
off to jonahs
off to Jonah's for the best shake in the island! That's me with Gerric and Ajie.
at jonahs
hanging out at Jonah's with my buddies Gerric, Habs and Ajie. We met up with our AE James and his wife Hazel afterwards.

The Wave event - OLD SKUL SATURDAY HITS BORACAY! @ Summer Place

anne n chaze
hosted with MC Chaze (ex-partner)
erik mana party people street magician Erik Mana mesmerizes the crowd
hunks and babes joining our contests... gave out Wave-volution CDs, Wave caps, Mossimo caps, Nestle Yogurt gift packs and San Miguel Pale Pilsen premium items...
beer drinking

Bora was a blast! Until next year's summer event.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bora Bora! :)

Image(09) Image(24)
I've never been to Boracay. Last week, I finally was able to set foot on its famous fine white sands. Yup! I went on a week-long Bora trip, and it was wonderful! Wave 89.1 had its yearly summer event there, and this year, I was chosen to host. The event was on the 9th. We flew to Bora on Wednesday. We were there by 9am. And we had all the time in the world to relax and chill and have fun while we waited for our Saturday event.
Unfortunately, my beau wasn't able to go with me because he had work. So I missed him terribly. But still, I made the most out of my time in the island. It was my first time in Bora, and there were lots to explore! We went snorkeling, banana boating, food tripping, sun bathing, posing for pics and frolicking in the clear ocean water.
Tin n me
I got a bit dizzy during snorkeling because the waters were a bit rough. But still, I enjoyed it, swimming away from the boat, hand-in-hand with my good friend Gerric. The banana boat scared the hell outta me. I held tight, and tried with all my might not to slip and fall off. I fell only once, most of my companions fell thrice. It was both thrilling and fun.
My friend May was right when she told me that everyone walked around in their bikinis. I'd look funny if I walked around in shorts and a tee. So everywhere I went - I was just in my bikini, with just a sarong around my waist. It was cool!

The Wave event (OLD SCHOOL SATURDAY HITS BORACAY) was a success! A lot of people partied with us. I switched on my party-mood hosting, and with MC Chaze backing me up, I think we did one helluva job. :)
Loved Bora! Hopefully it'll be me and the boys again next year! More pics coming up...