Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bought my own car...shet, malaki na talaga ako :)

getz 3
April 18, 5:00 PM, I finally got my very first, my very own car – a shiny hiphop red Hyundai Getz. Originally I wanted to get a Kia Picanto. I guess God DOES have a reason for everything. That’s why I never got the Picanto. Because the Getz is a much better car.

Why the Getz?
A bit bigger, more leg room.
Power windows.
Power steering.
Better engine.
Better AC.
You can adjust the side mirrors from inside the car. (with the Picanto, you still have to open your window.)
Sleeker look.
Awarded BEST SMALL CAR OF THE YEAR. (check out the Hyundai Australia website. The judges say it’s better than the Honda Jazz.)

I wanted to get an automatic. Unfortunately, I can’t afford it. The matic costs 549grand. So I just got the 1.1 MT. I’m still in the process of getting used to shifting gears while concentrating on the road. I didn’t have problems with that when I first started learning at A1. But after driving Vin’s matic Civic, I got spoiled. Really spoiled. So now, I’m still adjusting. I took the Getz for a test drive after getting it from the dealer. Dad was with me. And he gave me helpful pointers. And a sermon or two, which I enjoyed hearing.

The bank was kind enough to lower the downpayment requirement and interest rate of my loan. Mom and I were fixing all the money stuff last week. I needed to pay 107K. Since November of last year, I’ve been putting almost all of my telenovela and raket earnings in time deposits. I didn’t think they’ve already reached a hundred grand. So you can just imagine how amazed and proud I was when I found out how much I’ve saved. I was able to pay for everything, and have a little left for 4 months worth of amortization. Saving has never been my thing, I spend and splurge as I please. But it’s different when you have a goal. And I thank God for always giving me chances to earn.

Now my waiting is through. I’ve reached my goal, and the next step is to discipline my spending, and keep track of my money for the next 3 years. I have to work extra hard, but I’m not complaining. I’m very thankful.

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