Tuesday, April 26, 2005


annej's car edited
Met up with my besty last week. And she was happy and excited to see my new car. As usual, she had her camera with her, and shot away. Thanks to her I have these nice pics of my car, and me while driving. Thanks besty!

I washed my car over the weekend, gave it a good shampooing. Very tiring, but it was worth it.

Still, it seems so surreal – the fact that I am now driving my own car, which I bought with my own money (my besty’s exact words.) Sometimes I have to tell myself, “Why are you getting a cab, silly? You already have a car.” I guess it’s just too overwhelming, and I need more time to take it all in. Hehehe… dramatic.

Yesterday, a friend of mine told me that I should’ve gotten an automatic. And again, I felt bad. I really can’t afford the 550grand matic. I’m getting used to my manual car, and yes, it can get really exhausting when it’s traffic. But that’s better than having no car at all, right? Please…don’t rub it in, my lack of funds for a matic. I believe I made a good choice with my car now. Don’t rain on my parade.

I am hoping to get better after a few weeks more of driving. I still fumble a bit with the gears, but the ride’s getting smoother each day. Today, I am going to Makati for a recording. I hope I don’t get lost again. :) After that, I’m heading to Eastwood to catch a flick with my good friend Ida, and buy Gonuts Donuts (which I have never tried before.) Still have to bring my car to the shop, but I’ll do that tomorrow. Today, I will give my time to Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn. I hope THE INTERPRETER will not disappoint me.
the interpreter

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