Friday, January 27, 2012

Meet Aria!

After such a long wait, I finally had my ultrasound today. I wanted to have a Congenital Anomaly Scan done, that's why my OB made me wait a bit longer. The CAS wasn't required. I just asked for one because I wanted to be certain that my baby was developing well inside me. 

And here she is!

Our beautiful baby girl. Aria Asis-Carilo.
Aria Asis-Carilo. Alvin and I were such proud and happy parents as we watched her on the little screen while the doctor showed us every little detail of her body. Alvin was beaming, I was smiling and crying at the same time - just like during the first ultrasound. I can't even begin to describe the feeling of seeing that little ball of life moving and breathing inside you. Ibang klase!

Aria was moving while the CAS was being done. She was moving her arms, opening her mouth, wiggling her feet. And while we watched the movement on screen, I was feeling the motions inside my tummy, too. It was wonderful! No, actually wonderful is an understatement. 

My husband and I are so thankful for this incredible blessing. And knowing that the little one is normal, healthy and doing A-OK inside my tummy is once again another answered prayer. Thank You, Lord! God is good all the time. 

In a week's time, I shall be entering my 7th month. Last trimester! I'm exclaiming a whoop of joy for making it this far so smoothly. Here's hoping that everything will be smooth-sailing until I give birth in April. I think one of the reasons why my pregnancy has been such a terrific journey is because I'm happy. I truly am! I'm enjoying every moment of this new experience. Oh yes, there are times (a lot of times, actually) when I felt like a huge mommy elephant. But I'm always surrounded with so much love and positivity that the bad vibes are always overshadowed. And my husband telling me every single day that I'm beautiful - that works wonders, believe me. 

We'll be seeing Aria again in February for the 4D ultrasound. Can't wait! 

Thank You, God! 

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Save a hundred calories by opting for an open-faced sandwich, says fitness experts. So I make myself one, with cheese and fresh tomatoes, washing it down with a glass of cold Silk soymilk. Healthy mom = healthy baby!



Woke up this morning to news of couples breaking up. Actually, 2012 has started with a lot of break-ups. And it's always a sad, sad thing. I have gone through a terrible split myself in 2008 (which I will always remember as the most tumultuous year of my life) and I know how it feels - the emptiness, the feeling of being lost, the sadness that's like a black hole sucking you into its vastness.

The pain eventually dulls and the wounds heal. And most of us come out of the ordeal a better and stronger person. It just shows how humans are really wired to survive any emotionally catastrophic event in our lives. People will always say, This too shall pass. But of course, a breakup is still...well, heartbreaking.

2012 is supposed to be bringing good luck, they say. I guess if you're going through something terrible right now, you can hold on to the truth that this will turn out to be good for you in the end. God really does know best. Hang in there!

"Sometimes it lasts in love, and sometimes it hurts instead. ~Adele"

Monday, January 9, 2012


I've reached my 6th month already! Wheee! After two more weeks, my husband and I will finally be finding out if our baby is Adam or Aria. We can hardly wait! And I am such an excited mommy!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sundays are LOVE!

It's a cold, rainy Sunday here in Manila. Perfect weather for a day of no work, actually. I woke up next to my husband as always, but this time there's something new to look forward to - the little kicks my baby sends out from my tummy almost every morning.

Don't you just love Sundays? Doing nothing, being lazy, without feeling the least bit guilty. And having rainy weather like this is always an added bonus.

As my hubby and I sit in front of the TV with some hot chocolate, I smile thankfully for these simple pleasures. Thank You, God, for always keeping love and laughter in our home. Right here with my husband and our little one in my tummy is exactly where I want to be.

Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday, too!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Unless you have been very, very lucky, you have undoubtedly experienced events in your life that have made you cry. So unless you have been very, very lucky, you know that a good, long session of weeping can often make you feel better, even if your circumstances have not changed one bit. ~Lemony Snicket

Monday, January 2, 2012


There are times when I wake up in the morning next to my husband, I stop and say to myself, "Wow! I'm already married to him."

We've been together for almost twelve years, married for a year and 4months now, and my heart still does cartwheels sometimes when the thought of forever with him suddenly hits me. Sometimes it still feels so surreal. And it will never stop feeling so wonderful.


Happy 2012!

And just like that, it's a brand new year! Time really does just zoom by when you're having fun.

Me at 5 months :)
It's been a terrific ride, the past year. I learned and tried new things, got to travel for free, take lots of beautiful photos, spent time with family and good friends and wonderful people. And the highlight of 2011: my pregnancy. Yes, folks, my husband and I are having a baby! As I write this, I am already entering my 6th month. The experience is so beautiful, I'm telling ya! I am one of the lucky few without morning sickness, complications or even excess weight gain. Well, the controlled weight gain is mainly attributed to my continued exercise regimen and discipline at the dining table. Meaning, hard work. But all in all, my pregnancy is running smoothly. So far, so good. I am very, very thankful.

The baby's already moving actively, too! When my husband and I woke up yesterday, January 1st, he placed his hand on my tummy when I told him that baby was awake, too. And he felt the little one move for the very first time. Alvin was so happy, and beaming like a proud daddy! It was such a beautiful way to start the new year.

My goal last year was to make it a learning year, and the most important thing that I learned is the value of family. This year, I aim to count my blessings more often, to be more positive, to blog more often, to not sweat the small stuff, to spend more precious moments with people who matter and worry only about things that are important, and to become the best mom that I can be.

I lift my heart in a prayer of thanks for the wonderful year that passed. Here's hoping that 2012 will be even more awesome!

Happy new year! :)