Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love is all you need.

Valentine weekend's PostSecret was a collection of "awww" moments and statements. These two touched my heart the most:

They say dance like there's no tomorrow. Same goes for love. Show the people you love how much they mean to you. Another day on earth is never really guaranteed. So while you still can, give love!

It's easy to declare words of love every single moment of your life to your significant other. The two people we tend to take for granted are our parents. Dad and Mom are always there, and in our minds we think they always will be. Oftentimes we get so immersed in our own lives that we forget to say "I love you" and "Thank you" to the two people who will definitely stick with you through thick and thin. And on this note, I say, "Daddy, Mommy, no other parent can ever, ever come close to you."


Love that lasts through thick and thin is this:

This one got me teary-eyed. Call me a hopeless romantic but I always love a happy ending. Now I know marriages don't always end in a crescendo with flowers and rainbows and hearts and happy children. But I also know that it is possible. My parents have been together for 31 years, and you'll still see them holding hands in public, or you'll see my dad with his arm around my mom's shoulder. My Lolo Efren and Lola Gaya have stayed together until Lola passed away. Lolo never remarried, and up until the day he died, he would always tell us that Lola was the most beautiful girl in their school. I learned from their story that it is possible for love to last forever. It's a rough and winding road, marriage is. But I believe that faith in God, in love and in each other will see you through.

The month of hearts ain't over yet, so spread the love, y'all! After all, John Lennon was right. Love is all you need.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

He amazes me...

...his patience and understanding are astounding. When everyone else have turned their backs away because of my bitchiness, he smiles and holds me close and whispers calmly to my ear. He is the anchor that holds me steady. He is the wind that helps me soar through the skies. He is the star that keeps me from getting lost. In his arms, I am home.

Happy Valentine's Day to you - the man who holds my heart forever.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I don't make resolutions for the New Year. But this 2010, I decided to follow one. I told myself I wouldn't say no to voicing auditions. We (voice talents) get called to try out for radio and tv commercials, AVPs and other projects. Sometimes it really gets tiring to go to these auditions. I always tell myself, "Why audition? They already have my voice file."

But since I wanted to face this new year with a more positive outlook, I have decided NOT to say no. You know what? It's working for me! I got chosen in the two projects I've auditioned for. So far, I already voiced two RCs, one TVC and an IVRS. Plus the plugs I do for Abs-Cbn Publishing. And it's just the start of the year! Exciting! Ooh la la, I can feel all the good things ready to flow in!

It's like playing Jim Carrey's role in Yes Man! But not overdoing it, of course. I'm gonna live by that positive word all throughout the year - YES!