Thursday, September 27, 2007

Delectable discoveries in Tagaytay

Here are two great food stops you can check out when you find yourself in Tagaytay... both tried and tested by amateur food and hotel enthusiasts - my honey and myself. :)


inside greek taverna
Lovely blue interiors exuding feelings of calm and coziness.

Hon and I have been to Tagaytay many, many times and we've passed by this quaint, little restaurant along the road going to the more famous spots like Leslie's and Dencio's. Then one time, we decided to give it a try. We were intrigued by it, and since we both love mediterranean food, we checked it out.

the feel of greece
Posters and pictures of Greece adorn the walls...making the Mediterranean experience even more authentic.

One of the most popular Greek dishes, the moussaka. Theirs is the best and most authentic we have tasted so far!

lamb 2
Honey's Lamb dish was superb!

yummy appetizer
My beef gyros was delicious! And so was our appetizer. I forgot what it was called. :)

special greek sauce
The special greek sauce, fired up with a little Tabasco.


After our wonderful meal, a little pose with Manos, the owner. We had a great time, Mr. Manos! Thanks much!



antonio's grill 1

Breakfast at Antonio's Grill is like no other. If you're after the distinct flavors of a Filipino almusal, they got a menu of delightful dishes that'll put your day on the right track.

antonio's grill 2
inside antonio's grill
Welcome to Antonio's Grill!

tocino special
Tocino Espesyal

arroz caldo
My arroz caldo was yummy! *Burp!* Busog! :)

crispy fish and the special dalandan juice
Crispy tawilis for sides. And a glass of their special fresh dalandan juice.


Great food + the company of the man you love = one happy vacation.

Boxer Babe!

I'm finally back to boxing, after a 4-month hiatus. And loving it!

I have yet to polish my moves and strengthen my endurance. Next week, my new instructor, Obet, will incorporate a bit of muay thai into my workouts. Cool!

with obet and rolly
With Obet and Rolly at Gold's Gym. Picture-picture after my workout. :)

One of the best ways to sweat out the pounds? Boxing! Try it!
The Ringside Boxing Club @ Gold's Gym Galleria. Tel. No. 634-0908

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Endless meaty delights at BRAZIL BRAZIL

meaty delights!

Looking for delectable grilled meat? Satisfy your carnivorous craving at BRAZIL BRAZIL, where they serve endless grilled delights!

Hon and I had dinner at their Metrowalk branch, and we tried their buffet for only 550++ per head. Aside from the mouth-watering dishes the buffet had to offer, their grill offered the promise of soft, juicy and savory meats.

grill at brazil brazil

buffet at brazil brazil
Delicious dishes and desserts offered at the buffet table..

brazil brazil 2
Colorful masks that adorned the walls of the restaurant..


There's a green-and-red-faced yoyo on each table. Put the green face up, and they serve you all the grilled goodies non stop! Different types of pork, different types of beef, various kinds of fish, grilled chicken, grilled corn, grilled bananas, grilled apples and grilled pineapple. Ooh la la! Plate's getting full? Flip the yoyo and put the red face up to take a breather.


Sarap! Winner! :)
After paying for our reasonably priced, super yummy meals, I went to the grill and posed for the cam! The cook and waiters were watching us with big smiles, and gladly gave us our yoyo to take home. :)

heya sexy cook!

Metrowalk, Ortigas
Power Plant, Rockwell, Makati


Because of the Strata fire last last week, we (Wave 89.1 and Jam 88.3) were forced to broadcast in Antipolo where our transmitter is located. It's a resthouse that, for me, seems to be on the very far end, topmost part of Antipolo.

antipolo house

We did our boardwork there for two days. Our booth was open air. And mother nature's beauty surrounded us... clean air, grass and trees, barking dogs, ants, moths, fireflies, you name it. Medyo hassle...but it was a fun experience.

psst... back to work! me and jun dj
Jun DJ playing while on board. My shift up next, but first, let's pose for the cam!

dj ric of jam 88.3 DJ Ric of Jam 88.3, crammed in such a small space.

view from the rooftop
View from the rooftop. O diba... province na province ang dating? :)


at omakase 3

Finally got the chance to see my besty again after so many weeks (or was it months?) Had dinner with Len & Edward at Omakase in Tomas Morato.

at omakase 2

Edward made libre because he just recently celebrated his birthday. Yey! Thanks Edward!
Then, coffee at Starbucks in ABS CBN. After that, on our way to the parking lot, we stopped to say hello to the High and Mighty Prime! Eto nga't may picture pa ko. Probinsyana! :)


Monday, September 10, 2007

The Best Romantic Movies

I got inspired by Jada and Ari's topic for the Top 8 at 8 Sumthn Sumthn today. THE TOP ROMANTIC MOVIES OF ALL TIME. After I helped them come up with the list, I decided to blog my choices, movies that will never fail to make me cry or go "awww.."

My top 2 choices are (and you'll have to agree with me on this)...

serendipity pride_and_prejudice

I really can't think of anything else that beats the chemistry of John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale in Serendipity, with Annie Lennox singing "Waiting in Vain" in the background. And who didn't love Pride & Prejudice? When the guy said, " love you.." I burst into tears. When it comes to romance, you'll never go wrong with Jane Austen.

And here are the other titles on my list...

youve got mail while_you_were_sleeping when harry met sally

the notebook

sleepless in seattle shakespeare in love sense_and_sensibility

notting hill

must love dogs bridget jones bridget_jones2

jerry_maguire how to lose a guy in 10 days

love actually holiday

moulin rouge