Thursday, September 27, 2007

Delectable discoveries in Tagaytay

Here are two great food stops you can check out when you find yourself in Tagaytay... both tried and tested by amateur food and hotel enthusiasts - my honey and myself. :)


inside greek taverna
Lovely blue interiors exuding feelings of calm and coziness.

Hon and I have been to Tagaytay many, many times and we've passed by this quaint, little restaurant along the road going to the more famous spots like Leslie's and Dencio's. Then one time, we decided to give it a try. We were intrigued by it, and since we both love mediterranean food, we checked it out.

the feel of greece
Posters and pictures of Greece adorn the walls...making the Mediterranean experience even more authentic.

One of the most popular Greek dishes, the moussaka. Theirs is the best and most authentic we have tasted so far!

lamb 2
Honey's Lamb dish was superb!

yummy appetizer
My beef gyros was delicious! And so was our appetizer. I forgot what it was called. :)

special greek sauce
The special greek sauce, fired up with a little Tabasco.


After our wonderful meal, a little pose with Manos, the owner. We had a great time, Mr. Manos! Thanks much!



antonio's grill 1

Breakfast at Antonio's Grill is like no other. If you're after the distinct flavors of a Filipino almusal, they got a menu of delightful dishes that'll put your day on the right track.

antonio's grill 2
inside antonio's grill
Welcome to Antonio's Grill!

tocino special
Tocino Espesyal

arroz caldo
My arroz caldo was yummy! *Burp!* Busog! :)

crispy fish and the special dalandan juice
Crispy tawilis for sides. And a glass of their special fresh dalandan juice.


Great food + the company of the man you love = one happy vacation.

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