Thursday, May 27, 2010

My wedding blog!

My beau and I are all set to take the route to happily ever after! Allow us to share with you the details, the stories behind the preparations, our suppliers, the wonderful people we meet along the way, photos and more. Until we reach the day of our maiden voyage to forever - September 8, 2010.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

En route to forever...

He called me up in the middle of the night. Was I asleep? Not yet, I told him. I just spoke to my mom about the wedding reception venue. He wanted to drop by and talk. He was feeling sad about a story I told him that night while having dinner. He just needed to see me.

I stepped into his car and we embraced. I was whispering to him in a comforting tone. He looked into my eyes and started to talk. About how he was sorry I didn't have the engagement story that other people wanted to hear. About how he felt sad about it. We've been together for ten years. We broke up, I got hurt. We found each other again. He wanted to do something to show me that I deserve something wonderful. He spoke of how much he loves me. About a realization he had, that it was time for him to surrender to faith - faith in me, faith in our love and faith in God.

"I know that when your friends ask for an engagement story, you tell them we were together, we had a heart to heart talk, and we decided to spend the rest of our lives together. Honey, this is now a story that you can finish..."

He was suddenly holding a small, blue, velvet box. The lovely diamond sparkled as soon as it was uncovered.

"Please make me the proudest and happiest man on earth by becoming my wife. Ann Joy Marie Serrano Asis, I love you. Will you marry me?"

I don't even remember what I said. I just know I was in his arms and I was crying rivers of happy tears. The ring looked so beautiful on my finger.

He wasn't really feeling depressed about the story I told him. He just wanted to catch me off guard. He got out of bed in the middle of the night, knowing that it was already the perfect moment for a simple but most heartfelt proposal.

Then we were at the church. The same church we'd be married in on September 8. The lights were off and everything was quiet. Peaceful. The whole proposal speech was said again. This time, with God as our witness. We held hands and prayed together, entrusting everything to Him.

We've been engaged since last year, officially when we talked and decided to get married in 2010. I didn't need to show a ring. What for? I already had a man beside me who loved me with all his heart and would never stop loving me even after I lose all my teeth and hair. Now, in the middle of all our wedding plans, I got proposed to. So beautifully. I wouldn't have it any other way.

That is my engagement story. No drama, no fanfare, no candlelight and champagne. Just me and him, a peaceful church and a beautiful diamond. It's absolutely perfect.

A lesson learned...

My Sorento got bumped from behind yesterday. The girl driver behind me didn't have her eyes on the road, and braked too late. There wasn't any dent. Just a few scratches that will have me pay around 4,000 pesos to get the whole panel repainted. I should be seething with anger at this girl's stupidity. At first I was. But after the whole incident of waiting for the cops and going to the police station and all, my anger slowly evaporated and was replaced by pity. I had a realization last night, while driving home from the police station. I think the reason why this happened was for me to see how lucky I am. The girl was 23 years old, and early motherhood had already stripped her of the luster of youth. Her husband, according to her, was jobless. She didn't have family members in Manila, save for in-laws who were not willing to help her out of the situation. She was a sorry case.

When the accident happened, I called my brother, Ant, for assistance. He's the one who's knowledgeable on cars, and I knew he would know what to do. My bro asked where I was, dropped what he was doing and immediately rushed to the scene. He was there in no time. After a while, my fiance also drove to the location as soon as he got my call. If my Dad wasn't out of town that day, he would've come to my rescue as well. Not that I looked like a damsel in distress. I was standing there in a bright dress and high heels and red curly hair, berating the young driver who had no money to shell out for the damage she caused. But then I also had a family and a fiance who would rush to my side in times of need, anytime, and wherever they may be. I am not alone. That's what makes me very lucky.

The young girl's uncle appeared out of nowhere at the police station, and had the guts to act obnoxiously as if I was the one at fault. He was the kind of middle-aged man na hindi naman big-time, umasenso lang ng konti umasta na as if he's the boss but he's really just an employee. Not that I'm belittling him. If he acted politely and deserving of respect, I wouldn't tell everyone about how pathetic he was. He looked at the damage and said, "Insurance na lang. 4,000? That's robbery." When I relayed this line to my Dad that night, he said, "Kawawa naman. Kung nandun ako, binigay ko na lang sa kaniya yung 4,000." Frankly, we didn't need them to pay for the damages because we can very easily have it done ourselves. We just wanted the reckless young girl to learn a lesson and own up to her mistake. But unfortunately, she was in the company of people who had twisted views on respect, humility and what is right and wrong.

Again, that's what makes me very lucky. I have a respectable family. My Dad raised and taught me well. I am never alone. When I find myself in trouble, there will always be people rushing to my aid. I'm 31 and I have a terrific career. I'm engaged to the most wonderful man who will make sure he's always there to hold my hand when I'm in a rut. Plus, I sparkle. Tee-hee!

So, quite naturally, my Dad told me to drop the case. It's a waste of time and effort. That's how forgiving my Dad is. This is like the 3rd or 4th time he let our offenders go without paying for the damages. When my sister got hit by a tricycle driver, the guy was sincerely apologetic and pooled a total of two thousand pesos from his "kita" that day. We didn't get the money, and we admired his humbleness and his effort to make up for what he did wrong. His father probably taught him well, too.

Lord I come before You, desiring to provide thanks.
Father, I have so much to be thankful for, things unseen and seen,
that You have done in my life.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am amazed at how tech-advanced our government agencies have become! Years ago, you'd have to fall in-line forever at NSO if you needed important documents. Now, all you have to do is log on to their website - - and request for the papers you need. Pay the bill at BDO, wait about two weeks and voila! The docs will be delivered straight to your doorstep. Hanep!

NSO-certified birth certificates and CENOMAR already settled. Marriage license na lang. Now if only the Quezon City Hall also had an online service as efficient as NSO's. Why not? Hint hint to Mayor Bistek!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Here comes the Bride!

In four months, I am about to begin a new and exciting chapter in my life. I shall become his wife. Mrs. Carilo. It sounds wonderful.

Yesterday, my fiance and I spent the afternoon scouting for condos and wedding reception venues. We fell in-love with this amazing place in Tandang Sora. Two reception venues are on our list, too. Both are beautiful. We have yet to sit down and study the amenities of each. The church has been pencil-booked. We're working on the entourage and guest lists.

Wow. It really is happening.

I'll tell more about it once everything is in order. Right now, I just can't contain my happiness. We were holding hands yesterday, looking at the lovely facade of Magnolia Place.

Anne: I can't believe this is happening.
Alvin: It is, baby. We're getting married.
Anne: I know!
Alvin: Do you believe now?
Anne: I believe in you.
Alvin: I believe in you, too. I believe in us.


Sunday, May 9, 2010


Last Thursday on Wave 891's Talk of Fame, I guested dubber friends of mine - Clarisse Castelo and Jess Reyes (aka Jess The Blade) - to talk about the industry. Jess The Blade on my show, can you believe that? One of Philippine Radio's pillars. I remember back in high school, I used to listen to him on Magic 89.9. He was one of my favorite jocks, together with The Gaucho and Joe D'Mango.

(Jess, if you're reading this, I'm not trying to hit on your age, okay? I'm just saying you're awesome, and I can't believe you actually guested on my show. After nine years in radio, I actually still feel like a newbie sometimes.)

Anyway. I first saw The Blade in person when my mentor, Don Henry of K-Lite, brought me to the station for training. That was about eleven years ago. During my senior year in UST and Henry would bring me to K-Lite to learn the ropes while he boarded. And now, I'm actually friends with Jess The Blade. I've hosted events with him. I've worked with him, dubbing telenovelas and all. He was my leading man in many of those telenovelas, too. How cool is that? And he guested on my radio show. I am honored. Thanks, Jess! Who knows? You might be hearing more of his voice on our side of the frequency real soon. Let's all wait and see.



A lot of pesky people have been asking me these questions lately:

When do you plan to get pregnant?
When are you going to have a baby?
Are you ready to sacrifice now?
You're 31. When do you plan to have a baby?

First of all, let me just tell you that you annoy me big time. I seriously believe that people annoy you with dumb, tactless questions and brag about their babies to girls who don't have any just to cover up for something missing in their own lives.

So here is my answer. I am not yet married. Do you see a wedding ring on my finger right now? Nada. I will get pregnant AFTER I get married. My fiance and I are tying the knot before the fourth quarter of this year. After that, we want to spend a couple of months enjoying our new "husband and wife" status. I want to bask in that wonderful feeling of being his wife, taking care of my husband without having to think of a baby just yet. Then, by next year probably, we plan to get pregnant. That's how the order of things are in my world. My parents aren't keen on the idea of getting grandchildren first before getting sons-in-law. Frankly, I think that kinda zaps away the romance in the starting years of newlyweds. And besides, I want to fit into a very sexy wedding gown.

If you don't like this answer, then don't ask me tactless questions. They're rude, and you'll get slapped on the face with a hurtful reply.


It's Mother's Day! Kudos to all the moms and moms-to-be out there. And to the most awesome mommy in the whole world - MINE! - Ma, you rock! Love you!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I don't know. Maybe it is my fault, because I keep on reading what you write. I really should stop. One of these days I will. Right now I just can't help but guffaw. You're trying to hit on someone (whoever he or she is, the poor dude) who is grammatically incorrect and slow in the thinking department. But, m'dear, you're lacking on that, too. I really believe that one must look at the mirror first before lashing out on someone else. If you're a hundred and one percent sure that you're not guilty of the same mistake, then by all means, fire away!

Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to pick a fight. I have you to thank, actually, for making my day. That was a good laugh. I'm just being kind enough to tell you that you're really not in the position to poke fun or ridicule someone who can't compose a complete, error-free sentence. If you haven't realized that yet, girl, it's time you did.

Them's and you is no difference.

I die. I swear to God, you are one funny, funny girl.