Thursday, May 13, 2010

Here comes the Bride!

In four months, I am about to begin a new and exciting chapter in my life. I shall become his wife. Mrs. Carilo. It sounds wonderful.

Yesterday, my fiance and I spent the afternoon scouting for condos and wedding reception venues. We fell in-love with this amazing place in Tandang Sora. Two reception venues are on our list, too. Both are beautiful. We have yet to sit down and study the amenities of each. The church has been pencil-booked. We're working on the entourage and guest lists.

Wow. It really is happening.

I'll tell more about it once everything is in order. Right now, I just can't contain my happiness. We were holding hands yesterday, looking at the lovely facade of Magnolia Place.

Anne: I can't believe this is happening.
Alvin: It is, baby. We're getting married.
Anne: I know!
Alvin: Do you believe now?
Anne: I believe in you.
Alvin: I believe in you, too. I believe in us.


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