Friday, May 25, 2007

Mad about Viktor!

One of the most difficult things in life is finding the perfect pair of jeans. Only a few people in this world are lucky enough to find RTWs that really work for their bods. I was once part of the unlucky majority...but not anymore. Not after I met Viktor.


Viktor Denim Republik. This posh shop is located at The Podium. The main attraction: custom-made jeans. So maybe it's easy to find a tailor who can make jeans for you. But it's Ino's perfect sense of style and his chic and classy designs that make the big difference.


The never-ending selection of fabrics, the stitches, the styles, the colors, the cuts. Viktor is a place of endless possibilites. And absolutely great-fitting jeans. But of course! They're made especially to fit YOU!

So my search for the perfect jeans is finally over. And knowing that my jeans look great on me definitely ups my self-confidence. Boy am I super glad to be a Viktor Citizen!

Check it out!
Level 4, The Podium


jessica alba
I read an article on the May issue of Vogue. Something about how the stars get their killer bods. Halle Berry was given the title "Best Body. Period." And Jessica Alba's abs were hailed the tightest. I was absolutely inspired!

I learned from the article that Halle Berry doesn't really kill herself with lengthy workouts at the gym. Just 30 minutes, 5x a week. Jessica Alba does the same thing. Her bod is just great all-over, thanks to 30 minutes of cardio (cross-trainer or treadmill) 5x a week. And the secret to her oh-so-tight abs? Crunches on a balance ball.

So, I have decided to do just that starting next week. I should get at least 30 minutes of cardio 5x a week. If I have time to spare, then I make it an hour, then a little work on the machines. I hope my willpower will be strong enough to keep me on this new resolution. I'm back to boxing, I do spinning at least 2x a week, and my sis Adie and I have started on a badminton routine every weekend. I need a little more strength to hit the gym almost everyday (just like my Honey - go baby!), even for just 30 minutes on the cross-trainer.

And I have decided to post my developments here! :) So that I'll have reason NOT to give up. Please don't expect me to get killer abs like Jessica Alba's. I can't do that. But I can work on my bulges and soft spots. I can't look perfect, but I believe I can make my bod look better than ever. Lord, sana wag ako tamarin! :)

Wish me luck!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Intensity 6 - The Wave Anniversary Celebration

Long overdue, i know. We celebrated Intensity 6 last March. Here are the pics!

Can you wear THIS in Eastwood? I DID!

wave girls
The girls of Wave 89.1 - Jada, Pam, and moi! :)

me n ida 2
With my buddy Jada. Cheers to friendship!

me marv n ida
With Jada and Marv. Marv resigned na...aww. :( This guy's so much fun. We'll miss you!

me n group
With Graphics Designer Habs and Sales Director James clowing around in the background!

me james n habs
With Habs and James. Station Manager namin yung nanggugulo sa likod. Hehehe... Hey Garz!

group pic
With Pam, Chen of Warner Music Phils. and Christian Bautista. Papa Christian looks pagod na here.

with honey
A couple of friends smiling for the cam! Yey...nakahabol ang honey ko!

group pic 2
Picture-picture before the show starts. Jada, Gia, Jerome, me!, Garry, Sam (Marv's girlfriend) and Marv. Happy happy!

Pictures courtesy of Ate Vida, who has found greener pastures somewhere else but will always be part of our lives...naks! Many thanks Vida!
me n ate vida

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The shallow minds of men

We are currently looking for new jocks, not "newbies" but those who already have experience in radio. So this girl was interested. She applied and had a meeting with the management. She's been in radio for quite some time already. I knew her name but I haven't met her. Yesterday I had the chance to finally see the girl behind the famous voice. She was very pleasant, with very good english, a lovely voice and a friendly air around her.

So I asked if we were going to give her a try. The answer was NO. Why? Because she did not have that "x-factor." She wasn't attractive. She was FAT.

AND THIS ANGERS ME SO MUCH! The shallow minds of men!

Let me tell you a story.

Six years ago, when Joe D'Mango hired me, I was an incredibly plain-looking girl who did not turn heads or catch the attention of guys. I was fat. My waistline was 29 - 30. I did not wear jeans because they made me look fat. I wore long skirts that fell around my ankles. I wore cheap clothes that were definitely not fashionable. I did not have enough money to buy expensive perfume, or get a facial. My long hair was dry and not shiny. I couldn't even afford to get my nails done every week, so I did them myself.

I don't believe I was ugly, but I WAS DEFINITELY NOT BEAUTIFUL.

But Joe D'Mango hired me. He saw the potential in me. He heard it in my voice, the way I talked, the smooth sound of my english. I wasn't perfect, but I was worth hiring.

Six years after, I am the Assistant Station Manager, and I have a KBP Golden Dove Award to add to my list of achievements. My waistline is 26. I look a hundred times better than when I first walked in the Wave office. I'm not Angelina Jolie, but I sure as hell can make heads turn now.


Joe D'Mango gave me a chance six years ago. And within that six years, I was not only able to improve myself professionally, I was able to improve how I look. Looks are superficial. It's goddamn easy to give yourself a physical overhaul. It doesn't happen overnight but you can turn yourself from ugly duckling to beautiful swan. But TALENT and SKILL? When you've got what it takes, that will make you stand out, no matter what size your jeans are.

I am so angered by all these shallow decisions being made by the men around me. I am so disappointed. One of these days I know karma will get them. I know that day will come, when the girl I'm talking about loses weight and turns into a supermodel-slash-superjock, she'll walk past the men who ignored her and make them eat her dust. Oh, I definitely want to be there to see that!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Boutique Bed & Breakfast

BBB facade

My honey and I discovered heaven here on earth... in Tagaytay to be exact. The Boutique Bed & Breakfast. It's a haven made especially for couples. If your sense of vacation is finding relaxing escape within the walls of your hotel room, then this is the perfect place for you.

Upon check-in, we were greeted with warm smiles and cold glasses of iced tea. And while Alvin was busy paying for the bill, I was led to this little room of wonderful scents - you get to choose your toiletries! I got Milk & Honey shampoo and conditioner, Dry Skin Lotion, two kinds of soap - peppermint and rosemary with oats, and lavender for our room scent.

BBB toiletries 2

We were then led to our bedroom on the 2nd level. All rooms are named after different emotions that you feel when you're in-love. I Dream, I Escape, I Surrender, I Lust. We got I Dare.

BBB hallway

And this was the very first thing that took my breath away as soon as we opened the door...


The bedroom was so beautiful, it left me speechless.

BBB beds

BBB toiletries

We were in awe. All I could say to Alvin was, "Honey...ang ganda!" So we took pictures of every possible angle, to show our friends this incredible place we found.

BBB pics

Syempre kami din nag-pose sa cam. :)


Another thing that caught my attention was the personalized welcome note on the desk. Na-touch naman ako because other hotels normally don't do this.


And the wonders of our bedroom doesn't stop there.


We had a wall-mounted LCD TV with superb speakers and subwoofer. Those with IPODs can plug-and-play whatever music they want. As for me and my beau, we were excited about their DVD Library. They had a wide selection of great titles. Absolutely no reason for you to leave your room anymore! Even if you went to Tagaytay for the the "view." Look at ours!


The view from our private terrace. Ganda noh?

BBB view

Below our room is the hotel's restaurant, The Hawaiian Bar-B-Que. You absolutely MUST try their baby back ribs. Sarap!


That's what we had for dinner, which we enjoyed on our private terrace. Having dinner with the man you love, while gazing at the full moon, its magnificent glow reflected on the lake's silvery ripples. It was lovely and wonderfully romantic.

BBB dinner

And at night, before we snuggled under the covers and watched movies 'til the wee hours of the morning, they brought us our evening treat - two steaming cups of native hot chocolate and a plate of churros. Heaven!

And the morning after...


Breakfast in bed.
One of the things that beckoned me to this hotel. Breakfast delievered to your bedroom at any time you wish. And I enjoyed it while gazing at the breath-taking view from outside my window.
Absolutely blissful.

This was our last weekend vacation because Alvin has a new (and horrible!) schedule at work. So we're both glad we spent it at The Boutique. It was worth the travel and every peso we spent.

BBB me and hon

For those looking for a romantic getaway, I suggest you go here. If your man says it's too expensive, call it quits and look for someone who loves you enough to take you there. It's worth it. And YOU are worth it. :)