Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Boutique Bed & Breakfast

BBB facade

My honey and I discovered heaven here on earth... in Tagaytay to be exact. The Boutique Bed & Breakfast. It's a haven made especially for couples. If your sense of vacation is finding relaxing escape within the walls of your hotel room, then this is the perfect place for you.

Upon check-in, we were greeted with warm smiles and cold glasses of iced tea. And while Alvin was busy paying for the bill, I was led to this little room of wonderful scents - you get to choose your toiletries! I got Milk & Honey shampoo and conditioner, Dry Skin Lotion, two kinds of soap - peppermint and rosemary with oats, and lavender for our room scent.

BBB toiletries 2

We were then led to our bedroom on the 2nd level. All rooms are named after different emotions that you feel when you're in-love. I Dream, I Escape, I Surrender, I Lust. We got I Dare.

BBB hallway

And this was the very first thing that took my breath away as soon as we opened the door...


The bedroom was so beautiful, it left me speechless.

BBB beds

BBB toiletries

We were in awe. All I could say to Alvin was, "Honey...ang ganda!" So we took pictures of every possible angle, to show our friends this incredible place we found.

BBB pics

Syempre kami din nag-pose sa cam. :)


Another thing that caught my attention was the personalized welcome note on the desk. Na-touch naman ako because other hotels normally don't do this.


And the wonders of our bedroom doesn't stop there.


We had a wall-mounted LCD TV with superb speakers and subwoofer. Those with IPODs can plug-and-play whatever music they want. As for me and my beau, we were excited about their DVD Library. They had a wide selection of great titles. Absolutely no reason for you to leave your room anymore! Even if you went to Tagaytay for the the "view." Look at ours!


The view from our private terrace. Ganda noh?

BBB view

Below our room is the hotel's restaurant, The Hawaiian Bar-B-Que. You absolutely MUST try their baby back ribs. Sarap!


That's what we had for dinner, which we enjoyed on our private terrace. Having dinner with the man you love, while gazing at the full moon, its magnificent glow reflected on the lake's silvery ripples. It was lovely and wonderfully romantic.

BBB dinner

And at night, before we snuggled under the covers and watched movies 'til the wee hours of the morning, they brought us our evening treat - two steaming cups of native hot chocolate and a plate of churros. Heaven!

And the morning after...


Breakfast in bed.
One of the things that beckoned me to this hotel. Breakfast delievered to your bedroom at any time you wish. And I enjoyed it while gazing at the breath-taking view from outside my window.
Absolutely blissful.

This was our last weekend vacation because Alvin has a new (and horrible!) schedule at work. So we're both glad we spent it at The Boutique. It was worth the travel and every peso we spent.

BBB me and hon

For those looking for a romantic getaway, I suggest you go here. If your man says it's too expensive, call it quits and look for someone who loves you enough to take you there. It's worth it. And YOU are worth it. :)


mina said...

Hi Anne, my bf and i are celebrating our 2nd anniversary this whole month of June, and i saved the best gift for last -- i booked ourselves at The Boutique for June 30-July 1. Your blog is the only one with more than 3 pics of the room, so i've kinda been lurking here sice last week, trying to decide which room to get. I initially had the I dream room reserved but changed my mind when i saw the pics here. Thanks very much for this post!

DJ Anne said...

Your welcome Mina! Oh you're gonna LOVE the place, believe me. :) The I DREAM is nice too. I think it's an all-white room with a "dreamy" feel. They emailed me pictures of the different rooms. If you want I can forward it to you so you can have an idea how the other rooms look like. :) Happy anniversary to you and your beau! Keep on loving! :)

Anonymous said...


Wonderful blog entry. I've been surfing for about an hour looking for hotels in manila and info on this particular hotel and your blog is filled with great pix and enough info to sell me on the place as a possible bday gift for my man. :) U mentioned they emailed you pix of other rooms, any chance you could forward that to me if you still have it?

Many thanks, and great blog!

nikki said...

hi anne!can u pls forward the pictures of the rooms to my email?thank you.

email addy :



Anonymous said...

hi anne!can u pls forward the pictures of the rooms to my email? thank you.


Joyce decena said...

Hi Anne! I'm excited na tuloy to go there, thanks for this post but can you also send me pictures of the rooms. Here's my email, joyceannecando@rocketmail.com Thankssss! :) -Joyce