Saturday, April 28, 2007

These are all the many changes in my life...

Hahaha. Such a cheesy title. But the song is running in my head right now as I write this. I'll be hosting the last batch of the AICS graduation events this month. Bacoor this time. I'm already dressed up for the 1pm affair, and it's only 8am.


I've been promoted! From Creative Director to ASSISTANT STATION MANAGER! 'Stig! I think it's still in the process of sinking into my system. When Sir Joe (Joe D'Mango) announced it to us two weeks ago, it didn't really make a big impact on me. Maybe because I was still trying to absorb it all. Now, I'm starting to feel the pressure. And I know it's going to get even...well, better. Hehe. Trying to look at everything positively. I'm up for the challenge. I'm not that well-equipped, but I'm in and I'll do my very best to not disappoint.


Grabe. Ang layo na pala ng narating ko. I started sa Wave as just "someone who pitches in for everyone else" - words from my boss when he introduced me during one of our events. I only had very, very few friends in the station back then. For some reason, most of the girls hated me. Now I'm thinking maybe some of them felt it or something - that someday I was gonna be their boss. I wasn't made to be a subordinate. My dad trained me to be a manager. And so I guess people saw that in me, especially the ones who were in-charge before. I guess that explains it.
Now, at 28, I am their boss, next to Garry who's promoted from Programming Director to Station Manager. Grabe noh? Ang bilis. Sabi nga ni Caress of MCA - "young blood" na ang nagma-manage ng station. I hope it's for the better. I hope that Garry and I - being young and all - will be able to make Wave the station that is envied by all, THE frequency to listen to.


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Honey and I celebrated our 7th anniversary this month. Wow... 7 years of being together. No on-and-offs in between. 7 wonderful years of loving and caring and enjoying life side by side.
Love you sweetheart! Cheers to 7 years...and a lifetime of love!


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