Monday, September 23, 2013

Get well soon, Daddy!

My Dad is in the hospital again. This time it isn't just for a blood transfusion. He got an infection that made his throat and right arm swell. The antibiotics are helping. Hus throat is better now, so he's now able to eat a little. The doctors are waiting for the meds to take effect on his arm. And he still has fever after almost a week. 

He was diagnosed with leukemia this year. After six months of treatment in the US, he's healed from his cancer. But he continues his chemotherapy, and this is what makes his blood count drop. His level of white blood cells is dangerously low, which makes him susceptible to infection.

Right now we need blood/platelet donors for my dad. He's an A+. If you are willing to donate, you may do so at St. Luke's QC. My dad is confined there. Send me a message so I can give you details. Thank you in advance and God bless your good heart.

Speaking of good hearts, it is so amazing how kindness can come from the most unexpected of people. Acquaintances continue to express concern and offer prayers, and some are not even close friends. It's heartwarming. It's like God is showing us that we are not alone in our prayers.

Thank You, Lord, for Your Goodness and Your Gift of Healing. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

True love is...

...staying together through thick and thin.
...laughing together at the silliest things.
...holding each other close just because.
...kissing each other like it never gets old.
...holding hands like teenagers.
...facing life bravely, side by side.
...coming home to tight embraces and warm meals.
...understanding each other even without words.
...knowing that, for the rest of your life, you are loved, needed and wanted. You have a permanent place in this world, and in that person's life.
...simply being with you.

Three years since that wonderful day, and I've never stopped thanking God for giving you to me. Happy anniversary, Sweetheart! I love you forever! ♥

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Get 360Fit!

My video is out! Here's a look at my fitness journey from flab to fab. I hope that somehow it'll inspire fellow moms who are struggling to get back in shape to just keep going. It's difficult and challenging, but it's not impossible. You can do it, too!

Watch "Get360fit Ambassador: Anne" on YouTube

#CommitToBeFit #get360fit