Friday, July 8, 2011

Dear Jo,

I can't begin to tell you how much I love Harry Potter.

I first started reading your books in 2008. I was a fan of the movies first before I discovered the marvel of your written creation. My friends, who were already fans, persuaded me to read your works, telling me that they were so much more than children's books. And they were right. I found myself completely embracing every story, falling in-love with the characters, being enchanted by Hogwarts. It was magic!

I really cannot explain why once I've picked up your book, any of the seven which I have re-read a hundred times, I get lost in this world of witches and wizards. I feel that I am also part of Harry's army, struggling to end Voldemort's evilness once and for all. I feel like I am friends with the boy who lived.

That is the magic of your creation. You penned a masterpiece that has brought millions and millions of readers around the world together, regardless of color, regardless of age. Your vast imagination drew the images of Harry, Hermione and Ron, Dumbledore and Snape, Voldemort, Bellatrix, Sirius Black, Fred and George - the movies brought them to life - and we, the readers and fans, have made them legendary. Isn't that truly phenomenal? No other work of fiction has greatly influenced the world.

Now, as I wait with the rest of the Harry Potter fans scattered all over the globe to see the last movie, I am not only filled with anticipation and excitement. I am also filled with a sense of loss. I am certain that this sadness is mirrored by many of Harry's followers. For ten years, we've always had something to wait for, to look forward to. The publishing of the next book. The release of the next film. After the last installment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, there will be nothing left to be unveiled. A tragedy I cannot fathom.

This morning, I was watching your goodbye speeches at the red carpet event of the London premiere, and cried along with you, Dan, Emma and Rupert. Saying goodbye is so sad. However, what Dan said was right. The story of Harry Potter, your marvelous creation, will forever live in our hearts. Therefore the magic will never end. It will continue to live on in the hearts of fans, and in the generations to come as we pass on our books to our children.

Thank you for sharing this with us, Miss J.K. Rowling. You've brought us back to reading. You taught us to believe in magic. Thank you.

I know that there won't ever be an eighth book. But if, in the future, you find yourself inspired once again to pen a story, we will be more than eager to read again, to hop on the Hogwarts Express again, to re-open our hearts and welcome back the boy who lived.



If you ask me who my favorite character is, that would be Severus Snape. I personally believe that he is the greatest fictional character ever penned. After reading the last book and learning about all that he did for Dumbledore, for Harry, for Lily, all of his sacrifices, I was completely won over. Snape is incredible. You have created a truly amazing character. And for that, I give you not just a round of applause, but a standing ovation! Bravo!

Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm really just a girl...

...standing in front of a guy (or a girl if you're a girl), asking you to like me. Tee-hee! :)

Check out the DJ Anne Official Facebook Page. Would be awesome if you liked it, too!

Thank you!


Sunday, June 26, 2011


You should get a copy of Lourd De Veyra's book, This Is A Crazy Planets. It's a compilation of posts from his blog. Hilarious, I'm telling ya!

My husband is loving it. Beats David Sedaris anytime! I bet you'll love it, too!


Lying in bed, reading a book or doing nothing, talking, laughing, being lazy together. Don't you just love Sundays? Especially when you're sharing it with the one you love, yes?


Saturday, June 25, 2011


One of the actors from Jackass, Ryan Dunn, died recently from a car crash. The reason? He was drunk, and was driving too fast for his own good.

Some people, stricken with disease like cancer, pay so much money to save their own lives. While others don't give a damn and live carelessly and recklessly. They drown themselves in booze, get in a car, and get in an accident that costs them their lives.

If only one's lifespan could be transfered, just like blood. If you're tired of it, then give it to someone who desperately wants to live.


Life is really simple.

We are the ones who make it complicated. Our choices, our decisions, our emotions, the paths we choose to take - these will either put life's puzzle pieces in order or helter skelter. It's all up to you.

Funny how sometimes people choose to complicate things by making unwise decisions. Choosing to do something stupid, when everybody, even your conscience, tries to steer you to the right direction. Then when life gets too dramatic or difficult because of your choices, you complain.

Life is what you make it, my friend.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Long overdue!

Time to dust off the cobwebs from my blog. I've been quite busy the past month so I failed to write about things and events that I wanted to document. It's long overdue, these stories. But still worth reading, so let's begin.


Hubby and I visited the famous Mercato Centrale food market at BGC two months ago to check out their Favorites Weekend Treat. I've been invited several times by RJ Ledesma (the guy who cooked up this gastronomic venture) to try out the wonders of Mercato Centrale, but I couldn't find the time to drive from QC to Taguig on weekends. So finally, after interviewing on my radio show two of the merchants included in the Favorites Weekends Treat - Nowie of Mochiko and Gail of Simply Pie! - I was enticed to block off my Sunday and trek to The Fort.

And oh, how my hubby and I enjoyed that day!

With RJ Ledesma

The freshest organic veggies from the Producers Tent

The famous donut burger from Offbeat Kitchen. Thanks, Mickey!

Thanks for the tour, Nowie! And for the super yummy Mochiko treats!

Promos and goodies were given by 15 of Mercato's best merchants during the Weekend Treat. But there were a lot of other food and produce stalls to check out, too, so the tents were abuzz with families, foodies and shoppers. Nowie gave Alvin and I a quick tour around the place and introduced us to some of the top merchants, who all gave us free samples of their products. Oh joy!

Two of my favorites: homemade ravioli and Tina's Beef San Mig Pie. Ooh la la!

Anita's cupcakes are as delightful as the baker herself! Wonderful!

The BEST quiche I have ever tasted! Delicious. 'Nuff said. Thanks, Gail!

We simply couldn't try everything all in one day. So we promised we'd visit Mercato again. Hubby and I went home with happy tummie (burp!) and boxes of goodies to share with my family on the way home.

Check out MERCATO!
Midnight Mercato - Fridays and Saturdays, 8pm-2am
Mercato Centrale - Saturdays and Sundays, 6am-2pm



We simply couldn't let the summer pass without hitting the beach together, so hubby and I planned a little trip out of town without having to spend for airfare. What came to mind was Puerto Galera. The last time we visited Mindoro was in 2004 or 2005. We stayed at White Beach, and I remember it being quite nice and not as crazy as Boracay. I researched on other hotels to check out in Puerto Galera and chanced upon the website of this place called Sunset at Aninuan. The photos on the site were quite lovely, so I got in touch with the Manager/Owner and booked a stay.

The long beach strip of Aninuan is situated right beside White Beach, separated by a rocky cove that you can cross carefully by foot if you're the adventurous type. But Aninuan is a far cry from its neighbor. While White Beach has turned into an ugly version of Boracay, Aninuan lies secretly on the other side, like a jewel waiting to be discovered. There are only three resorts on the strip - Camp Rock, Tamaraw and Sunset. The rest of it belongs to the Pardo de Ayala family. That's why it's quiet, undisturbed and breathtakingly beautiful.

The restaurant by the beach.

Hubby and I stayed for four blissful days, priding ourselves for finding such a gem of a place. The rates are reasonable, quite affordable actually for a hotel that can be considered upscale because of its structure, amenities and service. The owner and manager, Lexy Neiderer, is such a warm and wonderful person. All praises for the staff, the impeccable service, the food and restaurant. We spent four days just relaxing under the sun and taking photos. That photo I took of the sunset tells you why the place was named Sunset at Aninuan. The sunsets here are glorious everyday. Four days of uninterrupted swimming, tanning, lounging and photography for me and my husband. Boring? Not at all! Tiring ourselves with activities isn't our thing, but for those who wish for some action, the hotel also offers snorkeling and diving trips, hiking and kayaking.

Long shutter evening photo of the lounging area by the beach.

The rocky cove that separates White Beach from the beautiful stretch of Aninuan Beach.

With just an hour and a half-long drive to the Batangas Port, and a 45-minute ferry ride to Muelle, Sunset at Aninuan is definitely our top choice for a quick getaway. I highly recommend this place to those looking for a romantic, relaxing break from the stressful city.

More updates soon!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

When all else fails...

...friendship won't!

Love you, Ta Mags! :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A decade on radio!

Wow. That makes me sound ancient.

This month marks my 10th year of being a radio jock. It was ten years ago when I first signed on as DJ Anne on Wave 891. And boy, what a terrific experience it has been! I never really thought I'd stay on this long. I've wanted to change paths many times along the way, but I guess God had better plans. So here I am, still playing music in the very first radio station that took me in.

I look back with a happy and grateful heart at the past decade. My radio career paved the way for many other opportunities. I became an events host. I was introduced to the voicing industry, which brought about a continuous stream of projects for me to voice - from radio and tv commercials, corporate AVPs, telecom hotlines and IVRS, to dubbing telenovelas. I've met so many different people, clients, friends and potential business partners. I even landed a job as a continuity voice for a cable tv channel! Radio helped me find all the right paths that led to these opportunities. I don't receive a huge paycheck as a jock, but I am rich in exposure and experiences. Plus the fact that I'm only required to work three hours a day, playing music that I love, already makes my job stress-free and A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

I remember how it all began for me. After college, I sent my resume and demo CD to two of my favorite stations back then: Magic 89.9 and RX 93.1. I got a call from RX, was interviewed, and failed to make the cut. I also got a call from Magic, and they said they wanted me on their team, but as a campus patroller. I was looking for a real job at that time, as I was already set on leaving my post in the family business. So I turned down the invitation from Magic, and resigned to the fact that maybe I wasn't meant to go on air.

After a few months, I received a call from Joe D'Mango. They were putting up a new radio station. They were looking for new jocks. He was able to listen to my demo CD, the one I sent to Magic. I sounded perfect for the job. And that was it.

Within the ten years I spent with Wave, I went on air a gazillion times, handled different time slots, got promoted to Production Manager then Creative Director then Assistant Station Manager. And the biggest highlight of my career: winning a KBP Golden Dove Award in 2005 for Best Radio Jock.

Summing it all up, I have nothing to say but THANK YOU. It has been a wonderful and fruitful decade. I was just a shy, nervous, chubby girl ten years ago, fresh from college, pursuing a dream. Who would've thought.

Cheers to a decade on radio! Here's to many more years of hearing DJ Anne on the airwaves!


To my dear listeners (the very few who aren't members of my family...LOL!), much love to y'all! Thank you and God bless you!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beauty and the Beach!

I flew to Boracay over the weekend to join Women's Health Beauty and the Beach 2011, the magazine's annual summer event. I remember interviewing Editor-in-Chief Lara Parpan last year and she told us all about the activities they had in store for all their female participants. This year, I got to join in on the fun! Wheee!

The event started early on Saturday, kicked off by the Havaianas Race to Hawaii contest. I was asked to choose between joining that or the Hatha Yoga class at 7am. I chose the latter, just so I could have an extra hour of sleep. It was my first time to try yoga on the beach, and it was a challenge trying to twist into complicated poses while keeping your balance on the uneven sand.

Indian Bollywood dance class. Photo courtesy of Ingrid Villafuerte.

But I had a good time and was ready to hop into the next class - Indian Bollywood dancing! Ms. Marlette Basa was our instructor, handling all the other dance classes in the event. I got to move like a graceful Indian princess for an hour, and my efforts were rewarded when I was chosen as one of the top 5 dancers in the class. I got two overflowing bags of goodies courtesy of Schick, Banana Boat and other sponsors.

During the midday break, my roomie Scarlet (99.5 RT) and I took our sweet time having lunch by the beach, swimming and getting toasted golden by Mr. Sun. It was a perfect break from all the work and stress that we left in Manila.

The Chair Cabaret class opened the 2nd half of the event. I joined the Hawaiian Hula dance class that came after. We swayed on the shore with our yellow and green leis until the sun was ready to set. I sweated buckets after all the activities we had that day, but I was having an awesome time!

Women's Health EIC Lara Parpan doing the Chair Cabaret class

Doing the Hawaiian Hula as the Boracay sun starts to set. Photo courtesy of Ingrid Villafuerte.

Day 1 of Beauty and the Beach was capped off by a dinner party at Astoria. I got to bond with the lovely Ingrid Villafuerte, Summit's Media Relations Manager, over delish Pinoy dishes and grilled blue marlin. Definitely one of the best parts of my trip!

With Ingrid. I made a new friend! :)

Posing with Lara Parpan, blogger Nouelle de Guzman and Ingrid Villafuerte.

Our flight was scheduled early Sunday morning, so we weren't able to join Day 2 of Beauty and the Beach. The second day of the event had Hatha Yoga and the Fitness Hula Hoop class, which I was looking forward to trying. But it's all good. It was such a lovely experience. Thank you, Summit Media and Women's Health, for bringing me with you to Boracay. Crossing my fingers that I get to tag along again next year.

Posing with my roomie Scarlet of 99.5 RT and Ms. Marlette Basa, our dance instructor.

Congratulations and job well done, Women's Health Philippines! Cheers to many more years of spreading good health, good vibes and great articles through the pages of your magazine!


Monday, March 28, 2011

HBD, Me! :)

I remember quite clearly when my mom turned 32. We woke up early to greet her and sing the birthday song. The night before, I remember me and my sister Adie carefully crafting the cards we were going to give her. That was twenty-something years ago. Now it's my turn to have 32 candles on my birthday cake. Can you believe how fast time flies and sometimes you don't seem to notice?

Yes. Just like that, I'm 32. My last year on the calendar, sadly. But on the brighter side, my first birthday as a married woman. For the past 31 years, I would wake up surrounded by my family. We'd usually wait until 12:01 of the 28th, or if everyone was too sleepy to wait, they'd leave their plenty presents outside my bedroom door. Now it was different. I woke up this morning in the loving arms of my husband, showering me with little kisses and "happy birthday, baby!" greetings. Wonderful way to start my B-day!

So many lovely things to be thankful for. God has been so good to me, filling my life with blessings all these years. Never a day went by that I was not surrounded by people who love me and care for me. Thank you, Lord, for being my Provider and Healer!

When people ask me what my birthday wishes are, it's quite difficult to come up with an answer. What do I want? I honestly don't know. There is a prayer or two that I choose to share with God alone. Apart from that, I'm good, really. Love, prayers and true friendship would be wonderful gifts. (Oh, and maybe a really nice food processor that does the works! Hehe.)

Here we go then. Day 1 of yet another 365-day adventure around the sun. Looking forward to more growth and learning, positive changes, new experiences, and many more reasons to laugh and be thankful! Cheers!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crush Blush!

Listening to some old tracks on my IPOD. When the first few beats of Waiting In Vain by Annie Lennox started to play, my mind started flipping back to photo album pages of my college years. I used to be in-love with a fellow student in UST. He was from a different department, and way out of my league, I guess. We had a few flirtatious moments, most of them behind his girlfriend's back until they broke up. We never ended up together, but my feelings for him lasted for quite a long time. Now we're friends on Facebook. Everytime I see his photos, I would smile to myself. I remember the boy, and yes, I still remember the feeling, but it doesn't have the same effect on me anymore. Past is past.

Quite a strange coincidence, too, that he named his daughter with the same name I wanted to give our kid if we'd ever ended up together someday. He doesn't know that. I find it amusing.

I had so many crushes back in college. Some of the memories are still vivid even if it's been more than a decade ago. The geeky Chinese guy who edited our video documentary about the MRT. This classmate of mine that was so cute until I realized he kinda looked like my brother, so I immediately stopped crushing on him. My professor who once wrote me a note that said, "What's the matter, peanut butter?" He knows I used to like him. I don't even remember why.

Then this guy matched me up with a friend of his. He was good-looking, smooth and genuinely sweet and thoughtful. Plus, he spoke really good English, something that wins me over real fast. I crushed on and flirted with him, became his girlfriend, and now I'm sharing his last name. Now that's what I call a fairy tale come true.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Love you!

Our 11th VDay together, and our 1st as hubby and wifey. Wheee! I'll never get tired of having you for my Valentine. To my husband, my best friend, my Soul Satellite... Love always.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Thank you!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

- Charles Caleb Colton


Bon appetit!

I'm making bangus bistek right now while waiting for my husband to come home from work. The delicious aroma of fish, calamansi and soy sauce fills the kitchen, and I am brought back to my childhood years. The smell of bangus bistek always takes me back to when I was still a kid. I learned how to cook at a very early age. Twelve years old, to be exact. In fact, when I was seven, my mom would make a list and ask me to go to the palengke, all by myself. I remember walking to the market in my pambahay, buying onions, tomatoes, some veggies and a kilo of meat. Or bigas.

Before I hit 10, I've become friends with the frying pan. And at 12, my Mom already taught me how to make famous pinoy dishes like adobo, bistek, tinola and sinigang. I was trained in the kitchen early, and I am thankful for it. I didn't grow up to be a chef, but I have never fallen out of love with cooking. Through the years, I taught myself how to make different dishes, scouting for recipes on the internet. Oh and how I love to experiment! I'd scan the pantry or the fridge's contents and create something from whatever I find in them. When I was still single and living with my folks, I was the official cook. My specialty? Gourmet pasta. That earned me the title "Pasta Princess," awarded to me by my solid, faithful fans - my family. Now that I'm married, I have one happy and satisfied diner in my kitchen - the husband! And my future kids will be getting the same early training from me, just the way my Mom taught me, with apron, pot holder and all.

Cooking is la-la-love! And the learning never stops! I still have many, many dishes to make. Next on my learning list: Baking! Will enroll at Heny Sison very soon!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Did ya know...

...that you can now listen, chat and watch us do our radio shows live? Oh yes! Technology has made us interactive!

Catch me on Chill Street (M-Th 11am-2pm) and the Soul Review countdown (Fri 5-8pm).
One of the biggest, irreparable mistakes in life is to burn bridges.

A friendly advice: Think twice.

Friday, February 4, 2011


While I sit and do some blogging and tweeting, my husband cooks us up some brunch. I am such a spoiled, lucky and loved wifey!


Doing nothing...

...and loving it! Just a bit of petiks time before EAP starts working on our yearly photography project. We start the pictorials next week. We'll be working non-stop, 7days a week. It's gonna be another busy summer for me and my team. But who's complaining? Bring it on! :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell

Having a bad day? Stressed? Overworked? Bored? Or just simply needing to feel terrific about yourself?

Here's where you can go!

Sharing with you my little sanctuary at the Mega Atrium. This is where I run to whenever I need a feel-good fix. Admit it. Pretty nails never fail to make your day brighter, yes? I'm here almost every week, and the super friendly staff make sure I leave with fab hands and feet everytime.

bonding time with my buddy and radio partner, jada

the friendly girls of Nail Spa Lounge

The owner, Shiela, has become a friend already. This branch in Megamall is her first. The place is simple, cozy, feminine and most importantly, relaxing. There's also a branch in Robinson's Place Ermita that you can check out if you find yourself in that area.

Go ahead! Have 'em nails pretty-fied!

5th level, Mega Atrium


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Learning the Art of Makeup!

I only have one New Year's Resolution, and it's quite easy to achieve, too. I am going to make my 2011 a learning year. This year will be all about learning new skills and trying new things.

For starters, I am taking up Personal Makeup at the new school of my good friend and makeup artist extraordinaire, Cheryl Cabanos.

It's a 4-day workshop that tackles not only makeup application and techniques for different occasions, but also learning about your skin type, skin tone, skin condition, face shape and angle, and what products and shades are best for you.

Day 1 today was super fun! Our first goal was to achieve the "no makeup" look. I think I did quite well, yes?

Can't wait 'til next Sunday!

Wanna learn, too? Cheryl offers courses on Personal Makeup, Professional Makeup, Airbrush Makeup, and Special Effects Makeup. Check out CHERYL CABANOS MAKEUP ACADEMY at Scout Ybardolaza, Timog, QC. Send her a message through


Cheryl did my makeup on my wedding day, and she made look fabulous! So if you're a bride to be looking for a really good makeup artist to make you look beautiful, I highly recommend Cheryl. Best wishes to you!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello there, 2011! It’s a brand new year that’s perfect for new beginnings. Some say the previous year hasn’t been so good. I beg to differ. 2010 was good to me. Maybe not in terms of career or financial growth. But it was the year that my beau of ten years and I tied the knot and decided to spend forever with each other. Bliss! My wedding day is the best part of 2010. And the joy and love emanating from that day are enough to shroud the entire year with positive vibes.

We ended 2010 with the same positive energy, and love and togetherness and family. I think the past year also made my family grow tighter. It made me realize that truly there is nothing more unbreakable than family ties. Friends may come and go, but your family will stay with you come what may. 2010 taught me to be more thankful, to count my blessings, to appreciate the little things, to see beauty in everything. This, I believe, will make the new year even more special. Because I’m starting it with a happy heart and a positive outlook.

Bring it on, 2011! I know you and I are gonna be fast friends.