Saturday, June 25, 2011


One of the actors from Jackass, Ryan Dunn, died recently from a car crash. The reason? He was drunk, and was driving too fast for his own good.

Some people, stricken with disease like cancer, pay so much money to save their own lives. While others don't give a damn and live carelessly and recklessly. They drown themselves in booze, get in a car, and get in an accident that costs them their lives.

If only one's lifespan could be transfered, just like blood. If you're tired of it, then give it to someone who desperately wants to live.


Life is really simple.

We are the ones who make it complicated. Our choices, our decisions, our emotions, the paths we choose to take - these will either put life's puzzle pieces in order or helter skelter. It's all up to you.

Funny how sometimes people choose to complicate things by making unwise decisions. Choosing to do something stupid, when everybody, even your conscience, tries to steer you to the right direction. Then when life gets too dramatic or difficult because of your choices, you complain.

Life is what you make it, my friend.

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amaezing said...

I super agree! I have a friend who makes the same mistakes, the same wrong choices over and over again, and complain about her "problems" afterwards. at ganun na ganun din sinasabi ko palagi: life is what you make it, my friend.