Friday, November 26, 2004

Friday updates...

Feeling extremely exhausted today. Having a hard time keeping my eyes open. Only had two hours of sleep last night...or should I say this morning. We went on a videoke spree - me and Vin, my besty Len and her hubby Edward and our good friend Momi Shena. Actually, our plan was just to have dinner. Then Momi Shena had this sudden urge to sing...hehehehe. Nagkakwentuhan kasi about our videoke gimmick before with Nadine and the others. And so we went to IO at ABSCBN. And we brought out our "diva" sides until 1am. Like I don't have work the next day, and like my besty didn't have a 6am flight to Boracay. :) But it was all worth it, the pagpupuyat and all. We had such a great time. :)

Today, I was supposed to go to Roadrunner and sign the contract for DAU episodes 21-30. But I got stuck at work, finishing stuff for Sir Joe and Tita Bing, and this proposal thingy for Nesvita. And I'm just too tired to go to Makati. Good thing Diane said it was OK to go there na lang on Wednesday, my regular dubbing sched for DAU. Talking about the telenovela... I'm enjoying this raket 100%! Unlike my other job over at Dream, I accepted the job for kicks, and now I'm really not enjoying it anymore. And I'm especially not impressed with the way they're handling the processing of my paycheck. I find it so unprofessional, and utterly disappointing. So unlike my telenovela job, it's super fun! Some may find it funny, corny, even. But for me, it's a cool job. Maybe because I've always loved acting. Drama has always been in my blood. :) I took a pic of the studio during a break. I sit in front of the big TV, with the script, and the mic hanging high over my head. And when the dubbing starts, I instantly lose myself in every scene. I am transformed into Arriana, the character of Vina Morales. And I act with all my heart. :) It's the best raket ever! So much more fun than hosting or doing VOs. And the pay's not so bad, too. :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

One of the most divine experiences is having cheesecake and a cup of good peppermint tea. Mmm...heaven! I have discovered the perfect cheesecake. Hon and I had dessert at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf over at Eastwood last Saturday. I tried their ube cheesecake...and my goodness, what a delight! A creamy mild blend of ube and cream cheese, topped with flakes of toasted coconut. One of the most perfect cheesecakes I've tasted, if not the best. I cannot recall if I have tasted something better. (Although the cheesecake at the Manila Diamond Hotel was good, too.) And the cup of ginseng peppermint tea... I can only describe it with a smile, a long, satisfied sigh and the relaxing feeling of sinking into a lush couch.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Chillin' at Chili's

Wave had an event last night at Chili's Morato, celebrating their 4th anniversary. We had Jimmy Bondoc, Thor and the new artist Noah. Mareng Ida hosted, and I went there so we could hang out and share a gigantic dessert. Had so much fun! Tonight, we're hosting Mossimo's event at Eastwood. Feels great to work with good friends!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Puerto Galera

As promised, pics from my Galera vacation! I enjoyed every minute of it! Hon and I went on a non-stop food trip, and tried everything - massage on the beach under the morning sun, snorkeling somewhere on a different side of the island, getting henna tattoos and getting drunk! :) It was pure HEAVEN!

Henna tattoo galore!

You can actually go to Galera without any packed clothes. Go buy your beach outfits there! Two women on the pic with me are Virgie and Nora, they gave us our massage on the beach! Heavenly!

Beach lovin'!

Snorklin' and swimmin'!

Monday, November 15, 2004

Missed blogging...

Back from my Galera vacation! It was one wonderful and relaxing experience! I'll post some pics soon. :) Last week, Hon and I tried out this new restaurant in Galleria. It's called Kitchen. I love the food, especially what I ordered. Pasta sauteed with spanish sardines. YUM! I forgot what Hon ordered, but it was also good. And they have really big plates, and big utensils that are placed inside these really cute wooden boxes. :) Your bill comes rolled up inside a little glass. Kaka-aliw. :) Do try their food. Really nice. :)

'Twas my Daddy's birthday yesterday! In the pic you'll see him flaunting his presents - the cap from Adie, the little armadillo from Andrea and the Mossimo shirt from me. :) Just spent the day at the mall, simply enjoying every minute spent with the family. Luv ya, Dad!

Sunday, November 7, 2004

Clean-up Weekend!

Decided to clean my room for a change. I've been planning to do a major clean-up job last week. But I was never in the right mood, and I guess I was always so busy. But today I told myself, "This room is terrible!" And so I vacuumed, and dusted, and arranged my shoes (I swear to God I am running out of space for shoes!). And I cleaned my cabinet. I placed all the old clothes, the tops I didn't want or need anymore, some of them unused, all the jeans I barely use - I put them all in paper bags and gave them to Freddie, our trusted helper, so he can give them to his wife or his mom or whoever, I don't really care as long as they're out of my room. Still, I think I need another cabinet. :( I was looking at all the sahes I bought, all the belts, and now I even have a beret - and I remembered that before, I thought they wouldn't look okay on me, and everytime my Honey asked me if I wanted a belt, or a hat, I would say "no thank you." Hehehehe. Honey says he is now my fashion consultant. :) While I was cleaning, I found these nice slippers I bought from Tita Bing (Joe D'Mango's wife) two years ago. I already forgot I had these. Now I can wear them to the beach on Thursday! Yehey! Heading to Puerto Galera for a break. Finally, a REAL VACATION! :)

Featuring the Fairy... :)

The Wave Halloween Event was featured in the Just For Kicks section of Manila Bulletin. (Many thanks to my good friend Blair Agero!) The short article really made me very happy, especially with my solo pic in the center. :) Now I'm really glad I came in a fairy costume, and spent 500+ for my wings and wand, and an extra 300 for the fabulous chandelier earrings that matched my gown. :) Blair, Mareng Ida (Jada) and I have an evil scheme against our "bestfriend." Hehehe. This is just the beginning. ;)

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Crazy shots!

Having fun while on our way to the cemetery in Laguna for the Nov. 1 ritual. :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Strange Encounters - The Wave Halloween Event

Pics of STRANGE ENCOUNTERS - The Wave Halloween Event at the Metrowalk. These are some of the contestants. The big guy in whte bagged the 10k! The fairy in blue is me. :) If you'll notice, there's a tall black figure behind the mulawin girls. That's the guy dressed as Death. You'll see me there interviewing "Death" while he grips his gigantic sword. :)

You have to agree, I had the PRETTIEST costume! :)

Monday, November 1, 2004

Weekend in a nutshell...

Spent the weekend with my folks. We went to SM North for dinner and some shopping. Dad is planning to buy a new home theater system for his room. He already has his sights set on one, but knowing Dad, he's probably gonna buy it months from now. His canvassing takes FOREVER! :) Mossimo was on sale yesterday so I wasn't able to buy a birthday gift for Adie. (I can't use my GCs during a sale.) So I'll have to wait 'til next week. She just chose her gift yesterday, and she wanted a jacket. Mom and Dad bought her new shoes for her birthday, and they ended up buying shoes for all of us. Hehehe. :) I love what I got - white sandals with multicolored straps! Sexy! In the pics you'll see me and dad wearing a beret. Hon bought that for me last Saturday when we went shopping at Fubu. My very first hat! :) And Dad decided to try it on. :)