Sunday, November 7, 2004

Clean-up Weekend!

Decided to clean my room for a change. I've been planning to do a major clean-up job last week. But I was never in the right mood, and I guess I was always so busy. But today I told myself, "This room is terrible!" And so I vacuumed, and dusted, and arranged my shoes (I swear to God I am running out of space for shoes!). And I cleaned my cabinet. I placed all the old clothes, the tops I didn't want or need anymore, some of them unused, all the jeans I barely use - I put them all in paper bags and gave them to Freddie, our trusted helper, so he can give them to his wife or his mom or whoever, I don't really care as long as they're out of my room. Still, I think I need another cabinet. :( I was looking at all the sahes I bought, all the belts, and now I even have a beret - and I remembered that before, I thought they wouldn't look okay on me, and everytime my Honey asked me if I wanted a belt, or a hat, I would say "no thank you." Hehehehe. Honey says he is now my fashion consultant. :) While I was cleaning, I found these nice slippers I bought from Tita Bing (Joe D'Mango's wife) two years ago. I already forgot I had these. Now I can wear them to the beach on Thursday! Yehey! Heading to Puerto Galera for a break. Finally, a REAL VACATION! :)

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