Friday, November 26, 2004

Friday updates...

Feeling extremely exhausted today. Having a hard time keeping my eyes open. Only had two hours of sleep last night...or should I say this morning. We went on a videoke spree - me and Vin, my besty Len and her hubby Edward and our good friend Momi Shena. Actually, our plan was just to have dinner. Then Momi Shena had this sudden urge to sing...hehehehe. Nagkakwentuhan kasi about our videoke gimmick before with Nadine and the others. And so we went to IO at ABSCBN. And we brought out our "diva" sides until 1am. Like I don't have work the next day, and like my besty didn't have a 6am flight to Boracay. :) But it was all worth it, the pagpupuyat and all. We had such a great time. :)

Today, I was supposed to go to Roadrunner and sign the contract for DAU episodes 21-30. But I got stuck at work, finishing stuff for Sir Joe and Tita Bing, and this proposal thingy for Nesvita. And I'm just too tired to go to Makati. Good thing Diane said it was OK to go there na lang on Wednesday, my regular dubbing sched for DAU. Talking about the telenovela... I'm enjoying this raket 100%! Unlike my other job over at Dream, I accepted the job for kicks, and now I'm really not enjoying it anymore. And I'm especially not impressed with the way they're handling the processing of my paycheck. I find it so unprofessional, and utterly disappointing. So unlike my telenovela job, it's super fun! Some may find it funny, corny, even. But for me, it's a cool job. Maybe because I've always loved acting. Drama has always been in my blood. :) I took a pic of the studio during a break. I sit in front of the big TV, with the script, and the mic hanging high over my head. And when the dubbing starts, I instantly lose myself in every scene. I am transformed into Arriana, the character of Vina Morales. And I act with all my heart. :) It's the best raket ever! So much more fun than hosting or doing VOs. And the pay's not so bad, too. :)

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