Monday, November 1, 2004

Weekend in a nutshell...

Spent the weekend with my folks. We went to SM North for dinner and some shopping. Dad is planning to buy a new home theater system for his room. He already has his sights set on one, but knowing Dad, he's probably gonna buy it months from now. His canvassing takes FOREVER! :) Mossimo was on sale yesterday so I wasn't able to buy a birthday gift for Adie. (I can't use my GCs during a sale.) So I'll have to wait 'til next week. She just chose her gift yesterday, and she wanted a jacket. Mom and Dad bought her new shoes for her birthday, and they ended up buying shoes for all of us. Hehehe. :) I love what I got - white sandals with multicolored straps! Sexy! In the pics you'll see me and dad wearing a beret. Hon bought that for me last Saturday when we went shopping at Fubu. My very first hat! :) And Dad decided to try it on. :)

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