Sunday, October 31, 2004

A little something about Friday...

The Wave Halloween Event went well, and for a new place, MetroWalk was pretty much full that night. Only a few people went in costume. But those few people were really serious about winning the 10k. "Kinareer" is how to best describe it. :) The winner was this big guy who was dressed like the big fat bloody guy with the big fat bloody mom in the movie 13 Ghosts. Hehehe... Basta he was wearing a gigantic white shirt with dried blood stains and sweat on it, and his skin was wrapped with stretched plastic balloon and dried tissue painted in such a way that it looked like rotting flesh. He scared the shit out of me. One look at the guy and you knew he'd grab the 10k. Eh tapos he was so big pa talaga. Grabe. 2nd runner up was this guy from Discovery Suites who was dressed as "The Crow." He really looked like the character, complete with the violin and all. :) 3rd place was this mysterious guy who came dressed as "Death." He wouldn't show his face. It was hidden under the layers of his black robe. The "head" of Death was placed on top of the guy's real head, so that when you looked at him, the first thing you'd notice is just black cloak and no face. Creepy! Then there were some in Mulawin costumes. And one guy came as a robot. Roby said he looked like an "Egyptian Voltes 5." Hahahaha! Some kids were in costume too. But I was the only adult in a fairy costume. At first I felt shy, when Hon and I got there and saw that the other Wave jocks didn't come in costume. But after seeing the contestants and their really creepy costumes, I thought what the heck! I had the prettiest costume. :) Feels nice to be the star, even just for a day. :)

I'll post some pics soon.

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