Friday, October 29, 2004

The big night!

Pretty excited about the Halloween event tonight. I just hope there would be enough people to fill the place. Metrowalk is quite new, and a lot still don't know about the place. We're hoping that our 10K prize for the costume contest, and the famous Erik Mana, would be enough to lure a big crowd. We're keeping our fingers crossed. This morning I got really pissed off with a colleague of mine. She was wishing the event would be cancelled because she had no idea where the entrance to Metrowalk is. Talk about DUMB! And another colleague said she won't go if we're not required to. It's really sad. I guess Sir Joe is right in a way, most of us don't care anymore. We just go about our daily routine, boarding and leaving, and having our own lives, our own rakets and all. It's like people are just in this for the money, or the popularity. The LOVE for the station...well, it's just not there anymore. And I wonder if there ever was. I wouldn't want this event to be cancelled, even if it rains. Sir Joe said we might cancel if it rains because we don't have a tent. That would be a big disappointment for people who will be getting ready with their costumes and hoping to win the 10K. And I have worked so hard for this event - brainstorming with Jada and Roby, writing the scripts for the teasers and merch plugs, planning the decorations, and making sure Garry wouldn't forget about the bands and the psychics and the booths. That's why I'm excited. Not because I have a super fabulous fairy costume. But because I've worked so hard for this. I wanted us to have the best event. Even if our sister station got the better venue. I made sure we had better promotion, more interesting contests with bigger prizes. I wanted to prove that Wave still comes up with the BEST events. It's just sad that the others don't care anymore. And one person can't possibly do it all for them, have the initiative and be super enthusiastic to cover up the others' disinterest. It's tiring. Oh well. I just hope everything turns out okay tonight. PLEASE GOD, BLESS OUR EVENT! I went to Toy Kingdom this morning to buy Hon's Viking head costume. It's really cute! :)

We joined Tita Mags for breakfast this morning at Discovery Suites, me and Jun DJ. Then we checked out the bazaar there. I got these FABULOUS slippers for just 500! Well, I'm not really sure if that was a good bargain, but the original price was 650, and I convinced them with all my might to sell it to me for just 500. And anyway, I LOVE the slippers! They're so girlie! :) Can't wait to wear them with my short denim skirt or capris. Tita Mags and Tito Jessie will be joining our event, and they even have matching black costumes. They'll be the 2nd "game" couple for the night, next to me and Honey. :)

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