Friday, October 8, 2004

Things to be thankful for!

A month ago, I auditioned for the english dubbing of a local telenovela which will be shown on, if I'm not mistaken, The Filipino Channel or something. I auditioned for the role of Arriana, played by Vina Morales. Yesterday, Diane of Roadrunner texted me and told me that my voice was chosen. And I couldn't help but grin and text her back - YEHEY! Some people may find it funny, but for me, it's a great experience! I enjoyed the audition, trying to follow the movements of Vina Morales's lips while doing my lines. And I even had to sound heartbroken during the scenes where she was crying. Super fun! Now I'm very happy I was chosen to play the part...or should i say 'voice' the part. I've always enjoyed acting. Back in high school, I was so much into theater. I starred in major productions and a lot of school plays. In college, I had a heavy drama role when we made our 30-minute movie for our Film class. Truly a drama queen - heart and soul! :) We start dubbing for the telenovela next week, and I can hardly wait!

I also did some acting yesterday during our shoot for Wed TV. I played the role of a desperate bride-to-be, hating the gown a designer made for her. So she ends up going to the mall, discovering Sari-Sari, trying on a couple of gowns and finally finding the perfect wedding ensemble. I had the time of my life! :) The shoot was super fun. And Aya, the director, is really super nice! The gowns were lovely! And I got to wear the best one with a veil, tiara and swarovski jewelry! I looked like a queen! :) Too bad my beau wasn't there to see me, or take pictures. Well, anyway, just watch Wed TV on Monday, 11pm on RPN9.

I'm super BROKE! Good thing I have three events during the weekend. So that means MOOLAH! I'm hosting the Wave/Ambi-Pur stick-on on Saturday in Greenhills. And I'll be doing remote broadcast for two McDonald's events. Thank God for "rakets!" They save you from bankruptcy. :)

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