Saturday, October 16, 2004

Happy Saturday!

Hon and I are celebrating our monthsary today. Four years and six months of being together, and many many more years to count and share! He surprised me by waking me (and my whole family) up early, just to invite me for breakfast. And he gave me a bouquet of my favorite "happy" flowers, which I personally think are more beautiful than roses. We had breakfast at Chocolate Kiss, and as always we enjoyed our food. I just LOVE their iced tea! Then we went to Ever to buy some personal stuff, and I got me a CD of The Sims Superstar. Once again I've become an addict. :) I bought chicken wings for Snow White (our Jap Spitz) and Ming-Ming (our new fat, gray stray cat)...and guess who ate them? Hehehe... my mom. Later we'll be going to Eastwood to catch Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. My dad's not going to work today, so I decided to treat them to a flick. Yipee! Another great day to spend with my mom and dad! Even if the movie looks a bit cheesy, pwede na din. :) It's going to be one fun Saturday! And I'm happy I started it with the man I love! Love you, baby! Happy anniversary! :)

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