Friday, October 8, 2004

Friday with a friend!

Mareng Ida and I went to Makati this afternoon. We submitted our voice samples to AdFarm. One of their studios was vacant, so we were able to read some scripts. Super fun! Next stop, Roadrunner! We'll probably go there next Saturday. We'll be doing some studio-hopping probably. We just need to find out where the other studios are located. :) After AdFarm, we had heay lunch at Chili's. Ida had GCs so lunch was on her. Thanks mare! Cheers to friendship! :) We're thinking of putting up our own studio. Problem is, we don't have the money for investment. I'll try to talk my dad into it. And we'll probably look for more partners. My besty and her hubby are perfect! Voice talent and editor duo. Maybe Gerric would want to join too. Gerric is the uber-talented and creative sound engineer of Wave 89.1. Jason has recording equipment already at home. We hope he joins in, too. We'll probably use the Wave studio for the meantime. Hehehe.... squatters. It's a great plan, because we don't really need to get people from outside or people we don't know. And besides, this is what we do best! We hope it pushes through! On our way back to Wave, it was super traffic! And we both needed to use the bathroom...urgently! So to distract ourselves, and our bladders, we just put out our compacts and lipsticks, and smiled for the cam! :)

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