Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Viking and his Fairy Princess!

Hon and I went to Toy Kingdom Megamall this morning to look at wings for my Halloween costume. They have a big section of costumes, and it was super fun browsing through all of them. They got masks and wigs and witch gowns - the works! I found the perfect pair of wings for my fairy costume! Not as big as the angel wings I wanted to buy in Quiapo, but they're pretty much OK. I got them for less than 400, sans the travel and traffic. Plus I got a really cute wand to complete the get-up. Now all I have to do is look for a lacy pink dress, some glitter makeup, and the Hot Fairy Mama is set to go! :) Alvin had fun trying on the different wigs and head costumes. Check out the pics. He looks really cute wearing the Viking wig. He should wear that to the Wave Halloween event. I'm sure we'll make a striking pair - The Viking and his Fairy Princess! :)

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