Thursday, October 21, 2004

Happy Thursday!

One good thing about Honey's new (but temporary) schedule is we can have breakfast together after my show. And with me not having to do anything important until lunchtime, we can while away for two to three hours in the mall. So we went to Galleria this morning, had breakfast at Sushiya, and walked the calories off afterwards. Hon bought me a really nice personalized bracelet. I've always wanted to have one that looked like my sister's. Yehey! Now I have one! Thanks baby! We walked around 50th Avenue for a couple of minutes. I'm thinking of buying a beret. I'm just not ready to take that daring step yet, 'coz I've never really worn hats before, not as a part of my everyday get-up that is. But it looks okay on me, don't you think? I think I'll start with a safe color - like black, plain white or beige. :) I had to cancel my recording at Dream. Too busy here at Wave, with Gerric on leave. Tonight I'm hosting our gig at Chilis Greenhills. Sigh! Long day for me.

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