Tuesday, October 26, 2004

What up, what up, what up?

I spent the whole day Saturday in bed, finishing Angels & Demons, and finally starting with The DaVinci Code. I say Dan Brown is marvelous and his books are intelligent, uber interesting and gripping! Never before have I been so carried away and taken control of by a mere novel. I'm now halfway The DaVinci Code, and I am truly fascinated! Haven't read the books? Well, here are teasers intriguing enough to convince you to buy them: THE ILLUMINATI, JESUS CHRIST - NOT DIVINE?, MARY MAGDALENE NOT A PROSTITUTE AND HER ROLE IN CHRIST’S LIFE, THE HIDDEN SYMBOLS AND MEANINGS IN THE MONA LISA AND THE LAST SUPPER, THE DESTROYED GOSPELS OF THE BIBLE CONTAINING THE TRUTH ABOUT CHRIST. All-raves and two-thumbs-up for Dan Brown's ANGELS & DEMONS and THE DAVINCI CODE.

Sunday was a super busy day for me, and my Honey, who went with me. I hosted the Hands On Manila VIP Auction at the NBC Tent. It was a big event, participated by big names in the society. I was actually working side by side with Inquirer President herself - Sandy Prieto. And one of the HOM founding people - Nicole Fandiño. The Zobel de Ayalas came in the afternoon. The very rich giving time for the less fortunate. After the event, we dashed to Virgin Café for the Dreamcast Fashion Show Event. I was doing VO. It was super tiring, but rewarding in itself as I met new (and important) people, and I earned enough moolah for the Puerto Galera trip Hon and I are having two or three weeks from now. Actually, now I have enough money for a Boracay trip. But we decided to just go next year. I'll pool as much TF as I can so that next year, when we head to Boracay, we can splurge and overindulge! :)

I checked out the bikinis at Surf World and Nothing But Water, and found them too much for my budget. So I'll make do with my two-piece swimsuit. Bright green, flowery and exposes enough tummy - I guess that'll do. I'll buy me a bikini next year, when I have enough money, and courage, and a tummy that looks ironed-flat. :) Before our Puerto Galera trip, we'll schedule a Greenhills visit to grab board shorts and flip-flops for me, and beach shorts and Nike slippers for Hon.

When Hon bought me my new personalized bracelet, he bought a little Chinese character pendant that he placed on the bracelet I got him from Hong Kong. He got the "love' symbol. It's so cool, so bling! :)

I'm super excited about the Wave Halloween Event on Friday. I'm going to be dressed as a Fairy Princess! I'll be wearing the gown I wore during my besty's wedding. I was thinking of having it cut halfway above the knee. But my mom said I'd look more like a real fairy if I wore a long gown - elegant and enchanting! I'll buy the Viking head costume for Hon. I was thinking of just buying him a cape, then he can dress in black and look like Dracula. But I wouldn't know where to buy a big black cape. I guess the Viking hat will do.

If you're free, do join us!
STRANGE ENCOUNTERS - THE WAVE HALLOWEEN EVENT, Oct. 29, MetroWalk Ortigas. Party starts at 8pm. See ya!

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