Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I saw him again today. After eight long years.

Along quezon avenue. Red light. I was reaching for my cellphone in my bag. And there he was. His car stopped right beside mine. His window was open, and he looked out to light a cigarette. And I instantly knew. My heart seemed to stop beating, my hands went cold and time froze. I knew. It was him.

The last time I saw him was March, 2000. Our graduation day. I got my diploma, and there he was by the foot of the stage. He shook my hand. After the ceremony, he was there. Another congratulatory remark, a quick hug, and he was gone.

Now, all of the sudden, out of the blue, he appeared. And there it was again – after eight long years – the effect he had on me. I was in-love with him once. Now I am no longer in-love with him. But for some reason, he will always have this effect on me.

Our cars moved together through the long stretch of Edsa. I was able to get another long glance at him. Oh god…it really is him. I don’t know if he saw me. I was hoping he did. Praying, begging God, even. I wanted him to look at me and recognize me and see that I was no longer the ugly fat girl back in college. I wanted him to nod hello, the way he did back then. I want to believe he saw me, but pretended not to – exactly the way his cool, big-man-on-campus self would have done eight years ago.

Then we went our separate ways – I turned right to Ortigas, he went straight ahead. And then he was gone. Again.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


February has been quite eventful. Starting off with the Radio Partners Inc. party for our clients and advertisers last Feb 1. Held at the Glorietta park, in front of 6750. We had food sponsored by TGI Fridays, Fish & Co., and Italianni’s. Plus live music from artists like Sofia, Pido, Luke Mejares and Jay Durias.

And it was also a chance for us to mingle and make chica with the jocks from our sister stations. We had a great time. Here are some pics…

Wave and Jam jocks
Wave 89.1 and Jam 88.3 jocks...just clowning around.

With Eri Rye CJ and Boom at TRPI party
With Eri, Rye, Magic jocks CJ and Boom Gonzalez.

Lovely ladies of Wave
The lovely ladies of Wave 89.1



Wave 89.1 had a little get-together dinner at Chilis Greenhills last Feb 7. No special occasion. Just a chance to catch up on each other’s lives and do a little bonding. Sir Bernie and Miss Terry were there with us, too.

As always, it was absolutely fun!

Bonding time at Chilis Ghills



Ehehehe... lasing

At Chilis Ghills
Jerome, Janice, Rye, Lindy, Jason, Jada, Anne and MC Dash.


Feb 9. I hosted the event of Mossimo and Cancer Warriors Foundation at the Glorietta Activity Center.

James Auste of CWF
James Auste, founder of Cancer Warriors Foundation.

In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Mossimo partnered with CWF, as a way of sharing their success and blessings. They came out with The Christmas Project Album last December, and 100% of the proceeds would go to the foundation. In just two weeks selling time, they were able to gather half a million pesos! And the Feb 9 event was for that – turning over the proceeds to CWF.


Some of the artists who shared their voices for the CD, and other Mossimo Music artists performed that afternoon. The CWF kids and their families were fed and entertained...

CWF kids
I took a picture of these adorable kids. The little girl in the pink dress kept smiling at me and clapping while I was hosting on stage. So I told her I'll come down afterwards to ask for her name and take her picture. Her name is Irene.

CWF kids with Diane Elise
Diane Elise singing for the young cancer-stricken children being supported by CWF.

With Retrospect With Papa Luke Mejares
Retrospect and Luke Mejares were just some of the artists who wholeheartedly gave their time and music for the kids, without asking for anything in return.

...and the generous shoppers and diners of Glorietta gave donations and purchased the merchandise and paintings that were being sold by CWF.

CWF Paintings
The paintings done by some of the kids of CWF. Many of these masterpieces were sold that afternoon.

The Courage Wall
The Courage Wall, where people who gave their donations signed and left their messages of hope and love.

Young CWF kid
One of the very young kids enjoying the event. This little boy has cancer. With the help of Cancer Warriors Foundation, Mossimo, and people who care, there is hope for survival and a better future for this young boy.

It was a very successful event. Congratulations Mossimo, and job well done (as always) Tita Mags!

With Tita Mags


I'm not really a kid-person, but I have truly fallen in love with this little girl named Izbel. She’s just absolutely adorable! She loves pink and hates boys. One afternoon when she was at the office, we played chipmunks and put on pretty pink makeup.

Me and Izbel


Valentine’s Day was wonderful this year.

Pink rose from rye

Rye looked cute when he came to work holding an unadorned pink rose in one hand and M&Ms from Mini Stop in his pocket. His V-Day gifts for me – and a cheery “Happy Valentine’s Day Partna” greeting matched with a big smile.

My beau Alvin surprised me with orange roses delivered to my office...

Flowers from my man

And oh so many surprise gifts when he picked me up for dinner. I had no idea he got me stuff, and I was so touched to find out he bought me a new watch and a Falling In-Love set (perfume, lotion and body wash) from Beauty Bar. Aww… Thanks darling!

My gift for him? I got him a card. Teehee! And I treated him to an international buffet dinner at Discovery Suites' Restaurant 5.

Around the World Buffet at Resto 5
Around The World Buffet at Discovery Suites' Restaurant 5

Quiet music
Quiet, romantic music all throughout the night. One old man, his guitar and timeless songs of love. And when he sang "Moon River," I almost cried.

Romantic dinner at Resto 5

It was lovely and absolutely romantic. No crowded tables and panicky waiters. Just relaxed mood, quiet music, candles and roses and well-trained attendants answering to your every whim. Perfect!

V Day at Discovery Suites Love you sweetheart!