Monday, May 30, 2005

Smile again...

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Sad weekend. But I didn't want to sit in one corner and sulk. So I decided to go out and catch a flick. By myself. Not my lonesome self but rather the free-spirited, independent me. I put on my new tube top and my favorite Touch of Pink perfume and got ready to watch Madagascar at Eastwood. I changed my plans though, because my sis Andrea wanted to come with me. I didn't have the heart to say no, so we went out and watched House of Wax instead. :) Since I don't get to treat my sis often, I took her to Jack's Loft for lunch, and bought her a big bag of candies to bring inside the cinema. The movie was a bit gory, but it was quite fun to watch. Chad Michael Murray is sooo cute!...and too young to be married. :)
house of wax
I got me a new book to keep my weekend busy. I wanted to grab some chick lit, but got The Last Temptation of Christ instead. Quite an interesting read.
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I spent the entire Sunday shopping with my folks. I didn't cook pasta anymore because we decided to just eat out. I'll save my beef stroganoff recipe for next weekend.

Today, I'm feeling a bit lonely again. Good thing I have a recording in Makati. After that, I'll probably pick up my sis again and catch Madagascar. I need to take my mind off this sadness. I need to recover. And I think I'll survive...slowly but surely.

Friday, May 27, 2005


Felt down the other day. Felt bad about life, and work.

I was asked to interview a celebrity. And just when I was all hyped up about it, the organizers changed their minds and decided to let someone else do the interview. And that someone else, we suspect, had something to do with it, as it happened already several times before. Upsetting but I took it all in with a shrug. Then, the other day they needed me again for the job. One of their wheels got busted, and they needed a spare tire - ME. Of course, syempre, natural - I said NO WAY! I hate it when people do that to me. I don't want to be the spare tire. I don't want to be 2nd choice, or just an option. If you choose me, then stick to your guns and don't f*cking change your mind and get someone who can't even do half of what you're gonna pay me for. It's really upsetting. Mareng Ida told me to say no to them also. Because if I just keep on doing this - being there all the time, accepting all the work, being the "model employee" - they'll never see my worth. They'll never value my importance. I'll just be the girl who's "always there naman to fill in." Lech.

Good thing I met up with my besty yesterday. Had lunch with her and her hubby at Chocolate Kiss. I looove that place! Food is great and affordable, and their iced tea is just heaven! :) Some besty-bonding is such a big relief.

So there...I'm feeling better now. Not 100% because now my love life is having problems. Sigh... Life!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Funny remark :)

I went home from work early yesterday. I stopped by the grocery (and I was able to park well!) and bought ingredients for carbonara. Just felt like cooking. After getting eggs, cream, bacon, hungarian sausage, parmesan and fettuccine, I drove home and cooked another pasta treat for my family.

My dad said to my mom after I texted him to come home early beacuse I made carbonara:

Bakit ang sipag magluto nun? Mag-aasawa na yata yun.

Hahaha. I don't think so, Dad. :)

Monday, May 23, 2005

The weekend that was...

Being dateless on a Friday night has its benefits. I was home really early last Friday. Hon and I just watched Star Wars Ep 3 in Eastwood. After that, he took me back to work, and I stayed for a few minutes before heading home. My parents were there, with Andrea, and we all went out to have late lunch at Red Ribbon. Nothing special, but it's always so fun to go out with your folks.

Saturday... I brought my car to the casa for its first check-up. I spent 600+ on change oil, etc. I'm planning to buy sensors for my car. It's worth 4,500 if I buy from Prince Motors. Dad said I can get cheaper sensors in Banawe. I'll think about it first.

pasta 3
Sunday... I cooked for the family. :) I made Spicy Sardines Pasta and they loved it! I followed the recipe I saw in Cosmo. It was fairly easy to make. The tiring part was mixing the pasta with the sauce. Nakaka-ngalay. :) I also bought focaccia bread. I made pesto sauce, and my family loved my Italian treat! :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


During my college years, I was used to the streets of Manila. The dirt, the dust, the traffic, the undisciplined drivers, the pickpockets, the grime-covered kids playing in the sidewalks. Last week I took a trip back. My first time again in like what, four, five years. I went to Robinson’s Place Manila for a remote broadcast. And I found myself staring at the strange place – all new to me. It’s still the same. No improvement. But this time, I wasn’t used to it anymore. When your world is confined to the clean parts of Quezon City, the walkable streets of Ortigas Center, and the busy urban district of Makati, going back to Manila is…well, quite an experience. I decided not to take my car, and later on I realized that was a very good choice. I took a cab home after finishing my work. And while waiting in line, I looked around and saw “rugby” boys hanging out near the jeepney stop, where the MMDA boys were at. Nice, I thought. Police and addicts living harmoniously in this world. While on the road heading back to Ortigas, I noticed that the undisciplined jeepney drivers have not changed over the years. And they probably never will.
I remember the lines from a certain Pinoy song – “Manila…I keep coming back to Manila…Simply no place like Manila.” I beg to disagree.


sideways_dvdcover ingoodcompany_releaseposter
The other night I treated myself to two DVDs and half a pint of BTIC frozen yogurt. I watched Sideways and In Good Company. I enjoyed both. Sideways showed me the two types of men: the childish, sex-trippers and the ones worth loving for the rest of your life. My heart went out to Miles Raymond (Paul Giamatti). I’d go for the failed novelist anytime. In Good Company is simply heartwarming. And although it isn’t always easy to look for someone to share the foxhole with, it’s still nice to watch something that reminds you that life can be wonderful.


After watching my pirated DVDs, I joined my little sister Andrea and watched IKAW ANG LAHAT SA AKIN. I do not like Deither Ocampo. But I like the way Claudine acts. And Bea Alonzo is such a promising actress. Very natural. Never nakakainis. And I like the Bea-John Lloyd love team. Kilig! :)


Hon and I tried this new place along Tomas Morato – Heaven N’ Eggs. Nice place. Very good food. A bit pricey, but worth it. I looove their pancakes! :)


It was my sister Andrea’s birthday yesterday. If I’m not mistaken, she turned 14. Happy birthday Bek! Love ya! :)

Thursday, May 5, 2005


love this bag!
My good friend Ida bought a gift for me yesterday. A "very late birthday gift" daw. :) I got it this morning, and when I opened it - this may sound dramatic, but this is what I really felt - I was speechless, super touched, near tears, and I was just staring at what she got for me.

It's the white shoulder bag that I saw in one of the shops in 50th Ave. It's small, white, and the elephant in the center adds to its over-all charm. I wanted it really, really bad. But it was priced at 450 bucks. And for such a small bag, I didn't want to shell out that amount of money. I showed it to Ida a couple of weeks ago when we were shopping at 50th Ave. for her slippers. She told me to buy it na kasi it was nice naman. But I didn't kasi nga I found it over-priced. And so, surprise surprise! She bought it for me.

Thanks mare! I know you don't like drama, but I'm super touched. :)
Ida 2

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Weekend updates...

Had a busy Saturday. Hosted the last two graduation ceremonies of AICS Dau and San Fernando. Spent the whole day in Pampanga. Since I can't say no to my dad, I had to give up voicing the Mossimo Bikini Summit event at the Araneta Coliseum, which also happened Saturday night. But that's okay.

Sunday was spent catching up on sleep, and reading my Holy Blood, Holy Grail book (which until now I haven't finished).

Monday was a post-Labor Day holiday, and of course, I still had work. After my show, my beau and I had breakfast at Dome Cafe at the Podium. I LOVE having breakfast there! Pure heaven. My favorite - Dome Breakfast. Two Hungarian sausages, two eggs, toasted wheat bread and an oversized glass of Raspberry Iced Tea. Yum!
Then we went shopping at Greenhills. I got myself a new pair of jeans. There's this shop in Theatre Mall called MISSY MISSUS. They sell the same jeans you can buy at People R People - and dig this - for only 550 bucks! Galing noh? They even have the same tank tops, and sell them for about 100 to 150 pesos less. Go check it out! :) Honey also bought me a nice pillow for my car that says WORLD'S GREATEST GIRLFRIEND. :) I wanted to buy him the Greatest Boyfriend pillow for his car, but he declined. It doesn't look macho daw. Hehehe... So I just bought my dad a blue one, that says WORLD'S GREATEST DAD. He liked it, and now the pillow sits in the front seat of his new Sorento. :)

Cheesecake etc
My honey is looking for a nice messenger bag that he can use with workclothes and jeans. Do you know where we can find one? They sell mostly girl stuff in Greenhills kasi.

Meeting up with my besty for lunch today. She's feeling kida low, so it's time for another besty bonding.

Sunday, May 1, 2005

Concluding my musings on marriage...

I think the key is to...

Find the right person.
Find the right reasons to get married. Don't tie knot because of a broken heart, or for some other selfish reasons.
Wait for the right time and not just rush into it.
Pray. We make our own decisions, but asking for God's guidance helps.


Lines from Madonna's song, I overheard from my neighbor's radio...

Here is the law of the land
You play with fire and you get burned,
Here is the lesson I've learned
That you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone...

Very true.