Monday, May 23, 2005

The weekend that was...

Being dateless on a Friday night has its benefits. I was home really early last Friday. Hon and I just watched Star Wars Ep 3 in Eastwood. After that, he took me back to work, and I stayed for a few minutes before heading home. My parents were there, with Andrea, and we all went out to have late lunch at Red Ribbon. Nothing special, but it's always so fun to go out with your folks.

Saturday... I brought my car to the casa for its first check-up. I spent 600+ on change oil, etc. I'm planning to buy sensors for my car. It's worth 4,500 if I buy from Prince Motors. Dad said I can get cheaper sensors in Banawe. I'll think about it first.

pasta 3
Sunday... I cooked for the family. :) I made Spicy Sardines Pasta and they loved it! I followed the recipe I saw in Cosmo. It was fairly easy to make. The tiring part was mixing the pasta with the sauce. Nakaka-ngalay. :) I also bought focaccia bread. I made pesto sauce, and my family loved my Italian treat! :)

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