Friday, May 27, 2005


Felt down the other day. Felt bad about life, and work.

I was asked to interview a celebrity. And just when I was all hyped up about it, the organizers changed their minds and decided to let someone else do the interview. And that someone else, we suspect, had something to do with it, as it happened already several times before. Upsetting but I took it all in with a shrug. Then, the other day they needed me again for the job. One of their wheels got busted, and they needed a spare tire - ME. Of course, syempre, natural - I said NO WAY! I hate it when people do that to me. I don't want to be the spare tire. I don't want to be 2nd choice, or just an option. If you choose me, then stick to your guns and don't f*cking change your mind and get someone who can't even do half of what you're gonna pay me for. It's really upsetting. Mareng Ida told me to say no to them also. Because if I just keep on doing this - being there all the time, accepting all the work, being the "model employee" - they'll never see my worth. They'll never value my importance. I'll just be the girl who's "always there naman to fill in." Lech.

Good thing I met up with my besty yesterday. Had lunch with her and her hubby at Chocolate Kiss. I looove that place! Food is great and affordable, and their iced tea is just heaven! :) Some besty-bonding is such a big relief.

So there...I'm feeling better now. Not 100% because now my love life is having problems. Sigh... Life!

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