Monday, May 30, 2005

Smile again...

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Sad weekend. But I didn't want to sit in one corner and sulk. So I decided to go out and catch a flick. By myself. Not my lonesome self but rather the free-spirited, independent me. I put on my new tube top and my favorite Touch of Pink perfume and got ready to watch Madagascar at Eastwood. I changed my plans though, because my sis Andrea wanted to come with me. I didn't have the heart to say no, so we went out and watched House of Wax instead. :) Since I don't get to treat my sis often, I took her to Jack's Loft for lunch, and bought her a big bag of candies to bring inside the cinema. The movie was a bit gory, but it was quite fun to watch. Chad Michael Murray is sooo cute!...and too young to be married. :)
house of wax
I got me a new book to keep my weekend busy. I wanted to grab some chick lit, but got The Last Temptation of Christ instead. Quite an interesting read.
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I spent the entire Sunday shopping with my folks. I didn't cook pasta anymore because we decided to just eat out. I'll save my beef stroganoff recipe for next weekend.

Today, I'm feeling a bit lonely again. Good thing I have a recording in Makati. After that, I'll probably pick up my sis again and catch Madagascar. I need to take my mind off this sadness. I need to recover. And I think I'll survive...slowly but surely.

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