Thursday, May 5, 2005


love this bag!
My good friend Ida bought a gift for me yesterday. A "very late birthday gift" daw. :) I got it this morning, and when I opened it - this may sound dramatic, but this is what I really felt - I was speechless, super touched, near tears, and I was just staring at what she got for me.

It's the white shoulder bag that I saw in one of the shops in 50th Ave. It's small, white, and the elephant in the center adds to its over-all charm. I wanted it really, really bad. But it was priced at 450 bucks. And for such a small bag, I didn't want to shell out that amount of money. I showed it to Ida a couple of weeks ago when we were shopping at 50th Ave. for her slippers. She told me to buy it na kasi it was nice naman. But I didn't kasi nga I found it over-priced. And so, surprise surprise! She bought it for me.

Thanks mare! I know you don't like drama, but I'm super touched. :)
Ida 2

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