Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Weekend updates...

Had a busy Saturday. Hosted the last two graduation ceremonies of AICS Dau and San Fernando. Spent the whole day in Pampanga. Since I can't say no to my dad, I had to give up voicing the Mossimo Bikini Summit event at the Araneta Coliseum, which also happened Saturday night. But that's okay.

Sunday was spent catching up on sleep, and reading my Holy Blood, Holy Grail book (which until now I haven't finished).

Monday was a post-Labor Day holiday, and of course, I still had work. After my show, my beau and I had breakfast at Dome Cafe at the Podium. I LOVE having breakfast there! Pure heaven. My favorite - Dome Breakfast. Two Hungarian sausages, two eggs, toasted wheat bread and an oversized glass of Raspberry Iced Tea. Yum!
Then we went shopping at Greenhills. I got myself a new pair of jeans. There's this shop in Theatre Mall called MISSY MISSUS. They sell the same jeans you can buy at People R People - and dig this - for only 550 bucks! Galing noh? They even have the same tank tops, and sell them for about 100 to 150 pesos less. Go check it out! :) Honey also bought me a nice pillow for my car that says WORLD'S GREATEST GIRLFRIEND. :) I wanted to buy him the Greatest Boyfriend pillow for his car, but he declined. It doesn't look macho daw. Hehehe... So I just bought my dad a blue one, that says WORLD'S GREATEST DAD. He liked it, and now the pillow sits in the front seat of his new Sorento. :)

Cheesecake etc
My honey is looking for a nice messenger bag that he can use with workclothes and jeans. Do you know where we can find one? They sell mostly girl stuff in Greenhills kasi.

Meeting up with my besty for lunch today. She's feeling kida low, so it's time for another besty bonding.

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