Thursday, September 30, 2004

Thursday Sentiments

It's the last day of September! We're getting closer and closer to Christmas! That means getting your bonus and 13th month, and losing every peso from shopping. Hehehe. :) Although radio people don't get to take breaks during the holiday season, it's still nice to be working when everyone else is busy unwrapping gifts and pigging out on ham and lechon and queso de bola. You know the listeners are there, sharing the holidays with you. Some nice people even give us gifts. And it's wonderful to receive presents from people I don't even know, but they know ME because I'm on their radio sets every day. :) Advance Christmas greetings to all! May we all have a festive and prosperous one this year.

I'm sitting here in front of my PC, waiting for my beau to pick me up. I'm having lunch with my besty in a while. While waiting, I browsed through some pics and found one with me and Tita Mags of Mossimo, taken during the premiere of The Notebook at Greenbelt 3. And one pic with me, Jun DJ and Garry, taken during the SMB Wave Senses event at Moomba. Just thought I'd post them. :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Motorola V8088

Honey wants to buy an old cellphone model, a Motorola V8088, or something from that series. Problem is, you can't find them in stores anymore. I also went looking for this model when I was in Hong Kong, but they didn't have this old model. This afternoon when we were at Megamall, we saw one displayed in one of the cellphone shops there. But it was just a dummy. And the girl said they didn't have the old ones anymore. Sigh... Poor honey. He really wants that old model. Maybe people like me (who find delight in new and modern stuff rather than vintage) wouldn't understand why people like him would want soemthing old, but his dedication in searching for that phone makes me smile. He's just like a little boy, wanting a new bike so bad. :) If I had money, I'd probably buy him a new phone that looks exactly like the V8, but with bluetooth and a camera. If you're reading this, and you have a Motorola V8 you want to get rid off, you might want to sell it to us. We'd gladly take it, just as long as it's still in good condition. :)

Eat all you can, love all you can!

Hon and I had lunch at Cabalen. It's the first time (after being together for four years and five months already) for us to eat at a buffet together, I mean just the two of us. We went to one before, but my folks were with us. Dad treated us for his birthday that time, if I remember it right.

Anyway, we had fun, we ate a lot! I tried to stick to my cleansing diet, but I ended up putting a little bagoong on my plate for the kare-kare. And I ate a little of the adobong pusit. Which is also bad for me. And I had a lot of pinakbet, which was flavored with bagoong and little shrimps. Hehehe... :) At least I stuck with my no rice policy. And I ate mostly veggies, and a little of the inihaw na pla-pla. Honey didn't make it to Round 2. (Hmmm...that sounds a bit naughty.) He put too much food on his first plate. :) To sum it all up, we had a great time. The food was all good. We shared a pot of peppermint tea afterwards, at Tea Republic. And we laughed and smiled and kissed a lot. Yehey! :)

I'm having lunch with my bestfriend tomorrow. Yipee! Long time no see. :) I hope I'll remember to stick with my cleansing diet. :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Allergies, shoes, NBI clearance and boredom

My allergies are attacking! I have red spots on my skin, and rashes on my elbows. :( It's probably because I've been eating a lot of chicken the past few weeks. That's why now I'm trying to start a cleansing diet. No chicken, no chocolates, no cheese, no ice cream and other products made from cow's milk. Lotsa water and black tea. I'll try to stick to this cleansing diet for a month or so. Sigh...

Hon scratched his new shoes this afternoon. And he was super saddened by it, because we just bought the shoes last Saturday. :( Poor baby. Cheer up sweetheart!

I'm disappointed because I wasn't able to buy the multi-colored sandals I wanted from Janilyn. I just saw them last Friday. When I went back on Monday to buy it, guess what, they were sold out! :( Bad trip! I wanted the sandals so bad because they looked exactly like the ones from Shoe Salon. And they only cost 1,100. Aaarrrgggh!!! Lesson learned: if you find something you really, really like, and you have the money, then go ahead and BUY IT! My mom told me: "wala ng pakeme-keme pa."

Why in heaven's name do I have to submit an NBI clearance to Dream? I'm just their VO, not a regular employee. It doesn't make any sense. Wave didn't require one, my other VO jobs never asked for one. Hmm... what to do?

I'm having the usual boredom pangs. My daily routine is already putting me to sleep. I think I want to do something new. Like start going to the gym or something. Or get a new haircut. Or maybe go out and see some people. Maybe I should start playing badminton with my besty again.

Bored and waiting for Saturday. Can't wait for the week to end. No work, no worries, just me and the people I love.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Weekend in a nutshell

The weekend was pretty good. Hon and I caught the last full show of The Bourne Supremacy at Eastwood. We went shoe-shopping that afternoon, and he got himself a really cool pair of Sketchers. Sunday, we went to the 1st birthday party of Henry's daughter, Chloie. 'Twas fun. The clown looked a bit like a friend of mine who's already in Aussie Land. :) Then I had japanese with my folks. I love going out with my family. I guess that's one reason why I don't want to get hitched yet. I love spending time with my folks, sharing stories and laughing with them. And the idea of being away from my parents permanently scares me to death. I always miss my dad and mom when I'm away. Just recently, mom and dad bought a videoke player. Now we spend every possible time bonding together with the microphones, and trying to beat each other's high scores. Super fun! So far, I am the videoke queen. And they have yet to beat my 95. :)

Remember I hosted the Wave Stick On last Friday at the Galleria? While waiting for the guys to finish all the set-ups. I whiled the afternoon away spending my talent fee. Goodness! All 2thou plus, gone in less than two hours. I got my besty a birthday gift. I just couldn't resist buying this pair of jeans at FNH. The fit was just fab! And I got an incredible fashionista bag! I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! If you got extra cash in your pockets, don't swing by 50th Avenue. For sure, you'll lose your moolah. You just can't say NO to all the great finds. :)

My friend Ida is selling native bags, by the way. Check it out! WWW.SNAPFISH.COM. Log-in as, password is baggybags. Very chic and affordable, I tell you! For orders, just text 0917-8974558.

Friday, September 24, 2004

What up, what up, what up?

I got sick so I wasn't able to go the Radio Works Simulcast event. But that's okay. I tuned in to the radio, and shared text messages and sentiments with my friend Ida. I'm better now, thank God! I can't afford to be sick. I sound awful on air and I can't record. Things at work are less hectic now. Hon and I were able to watch The Terminal last Saturday. Tomorrow we're going to catch The Bourne Supremacy. It feels great to be NOT BUSY. :) My bestfriend Len is celebrating her 25th birthday tomorrow. Cheers to my besty!

I am now the official female VO for Dream Satellite Broadcasting. So if you're on Dream, you'll be hearing my voice in all their channels. Yup, I got the job, and it feels great! I've always wanted to be an "official voice" of a network or the like. I finally got my wish! I started my first recording this morning. 'Twas fun. And the people and the producers are nice.

I'm hosting Wave 89.1's stick-on at the Galleria. I'm wearing this really fab top I got from People R People. It says DRAMA QUEEN! Cool, huh? Perfect for me. :) You should check out their shirts. Really cool. I got one that says something like LOVE, PEACE, HAPPINESS. Alvin bought those tops for me. Thanks baby! :) I was supposed to get this sexy yellow top that says HOT STUFF. But the shoulders are too bare, and with my allergies, it's such a no-no. Oh well...

Feels great to be FREE, with all the time in the world to spend! No deadlines, no pressures, no assignments. Oh wait, Sir Joe just called and he said he's going to ask me to make an AVP presentation for Hallmark. Minimum budget, but that's fine with me. No details yet. So for the meantime, enjoy life!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Work, work, work!

Just when I thought I can take a long leave this week, here comes more work! Once again, I'm assigned to write the script for RadioWorks / SIMULCAST. This is a very big concert happening on Wednesday, participated in by 10 different FM stations. It's going to be an exclusive event for clients and advertisers. Listeners can tune in to all these 10 FM stations on Wednesday, 8pm onwards to listen to SIMULCAST. Raffy Reyes (RX93.1) and I will be working together on the scripts. That's why, once again, I am here at the station on a Saturday, working and thinking and writing. I'm excited about this, because it's a really big event. The first, I believe, in radio history. And it's wonderful to be part of the production team, working with people from other stations. I guess I'll just take my break after next week. Hopefully by next week, nothing's gonna come up. Please, Lord, let me take a leave!

Friday, September 17, 2004

Updates on the Golden Dove

Before I start, let me just inform the readers that I wrote this, knowing that everyone's entitled to his/her own opinion. And freedom of speech rules in this country. And this is MY blog so I can say whatever I want to.

Okay, I start by saying that the 13th KBP Golden Dove Awards was a flop. It didn't go as smoothly as I thought it would, knowing that Sir Joe managed the whole thing. I feel sorry for him, and for the Wave people who worked with him on this event. Because I was one of them, we worked our asses for this goddamn event. And it was very disappointing to watch it become a flop right in front of your eyes.

The teleprompter was placed at the far end of the theater, so most of the people on stage couldn't read it well. So you can just imagine how awkward they looked, and how badly they damaged my script. Korina Sanchez refused to host because she couldn't read the prompter. So the hosts that were left were not able to carry the show. Worst hosting I have ever seen in my entire life as a broadcaster! You'd think that if someone was surrounded by people who host for a living, and prestigious names in the industry, that someone would really give his best to save his face and NOT look stupid. But I guess there are people who are not capable of that. How very disappointing. Why didn't the KBP choose better hosts for the event? I don't know the answer. But I do know that one of the reasons why the show was terrible is because the hosts simply COULD NOT host well.

They should've chosen the presenters as well. Some of them were horrifyingly TERRIBLE! One girl was even trying to sound smart by doing adlibs. But her adlibs were so OFF, and her partner was so deadma. It was so painful watching them on stage. That night, I totally admired Joey and Myles of Magic 89.9. They were great! And Dylan Thomas of WROCK was AMAZING! He should've hosted the event. Together with Myles. They were the only presenters who delivered my script the way I wanted to. The others kasi during the last part of the show didn't read the script anymore because of the teleprompter that was just too far from the stage. Sigh...depressing.

I was thinking Camille Pratts and Nikki Valdez wouldn't be able to read the script well. But they did just fine. Iya was the one who was ABSOLUTELY BAD! I don't even know why they asked her to present an award. I think next time, it's important for the KBP to screen their presenters, if they really want to have a good, respectable-looking awards night. The presenter's being a DJ or an actor shouldn't be enough for them to be complacent that they will do well on stage. I think what happened last Wednesday is proof enough. And I hope the KBP organizers will keep in mind that a GOOD AND CAPABLE host is important. No matter how much technical errors occur, a GOOD AND CAPABLE host will be able to hide that.

I know my script had its flaws, too. And I'm not as good as the REAL scriptwriters in the industry. But it was judged more than satisfactory by my superiors. And it's not the script that brings life to the people on stage. It's the other way around. Unfortunately, many of the people who went on stage that night were not able to do that.

It's disappointing and depressing. And I feel unappreciated. An incompetent colleague has taken the limelight from me. I would've been happy for the person, proud even, if I know the person is capable and worthy enough of that privilege that was given. The privilege was wasted, and I believe the audience, everyone who watched that night at the Star Theater, can attest to that. The TV coverage will be clean, all the awkward and really bad parts will be edited out for sure. But those who were there will always remember how terrible the show was, and how bad the hosts and some of the presenters were.

Right now I feel like taking a long leave. I'm done with being the "masipag" one, volunteering to help out and giving my all just to make my superiors happy. I guess that's why people don't "volunteer" to do work anymore. Because those who willingly give often end up disappointed and empty-handed. It's not healthy to be bitter, but that's what the world has turned me into.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The things I miss...

I guess today's not going to be a busy one for me. I'll just head to Makati later to give Daisy my demo CD. If I have time, I'll swing by Franck Provost. I love going there. It's the best salon I've ever been to. And the people are really friendly.

Just sitting here in front of my PC, missing a lot of things. I've been so busy the past few weeks, I've missed out on so many things, stuff I usually do in my life. I miss...

- lying in bed, thinking about nothing, reading a good book, or a Readers Digest.
- sitting in the kitchen with my mom, sharing stories over ice cream. I love my mom!
- lunch with my best friend, sharing dessert, and laughing.
- lying in bed with my honey, just cuddling, and talking about life.
- window-shopping with my folks, laughing with my sis Adie while we make fun of JR's stupid looking ads for UniSilver. I hate JR! Sharing cotton candy with my siblings.
- shopping for shoes with my honey.
- having coffee with Rye. Starbucks, or breakfast at Figaro. Sigh... Those were the happy days.
- videoke! Unleashing the diva within me. Either with my beau, with my friends, or all of them!
- singing duets with my daddy. I love my daddy!
- watching DVD with my folks, sharing pop corn and potato chips.
- milk baths and salt scrubs!
- lunch with Nadine, and listening to her endless stories.
- chatting with Ida.
- movie tripping with my love at Eastwood. Eastwood Cinema rules! Sharing banana splits with him while we wait for the movie to start.
- Pho Bo Ko at Pho Hoa! God, I miss that!
- I miss my lolo. Very much.

Sometimes we get so busy, with work, or whatever. And when finally we pause to rest, or think, we realize how much we've missed, how much of the wonderful things we've left undone, how much time we've lost. Sometimes we're so intent on making a living, making money, making ends meet, that we forget the really important things that make life complete. And I guess that's when we should be thankful to God, because He keeps on giving us another day, to make up for what was lost or undone.

That's my drama for today. :) Thanks for your time.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Flicks I'm dying to catch!

I'm just busy right now with the whole KBP Golden Dove Awards thing, but as soon as we're done, I'm gonna go on a movie trip with my beau! Here are the flicks I wanna watch...

Busy with the Golden Dove...

Still working on the KBP Golden Dove Awards. I'm waiting for Garry before we start our production meeting. Sir Joe asked us to prepare the technical show flow, or whatever you call it. Good thing the 15th is just two winks away. I want to go out and see a movie. I haven't seen The Terminal yet. And Hon and I are looking forward to watch Bourne Supremacy. No time for the movies just yet. Maybe after this whole KBP thing.

After the meeting, I'm off to Makati to submit my demo CD to Daisy. Their company is looking for a female VO. I hope I get the job. I've prepared a pretty good demo, with various plugs I voiced, different moods, both in English and Filipino. I hope her boss likes it. And I hope I'm the voice they're looking for. Wish me luck!

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Working on a Saturday

I'm here at work, on a Saturday. I'm helping Sir Joe with the preps for the KBP Golden Dove Awards. I feel sorry for him, he looks so tired. Yesterday, he told us that even in his dreams, he was still working on the KBP Awards thing. Wawa naman. I'm done with the script for the whole program. But I'll be adding some lines on Monday because Kitchie Nadal was added to the list of performers. I just finished writing Sir Joe's message for the souvenir booklet. I also revised the script for the UNICEF AVP. Voiced it as well. Good thing my voice is still OK today. Last night, my throat was a bit sore. I hosted the MIX MATCH event at Virgin Cafe, with Harry of Jam 88.3. 'Twas fun. And tiring. The event was a success, by the way. Super jam-packed! And I got some moolah, yehey! I'm so broke these days.

Honey and I are having one of our usual melodramatic fights. It's tiring, to be fighting over really insignificant issues. I just felt bad because I wanted him to be absent from work tonight. But he can't. And I know that he really can't skip work. No harm in asking, though. That's what started the war. We're going to talk later and try to work things out. Sigh...

So tired and sleepy and restless. Tomorrow I'm going to Bulacan for the christening of Posh's baby. I'm going with Tita Mags and Tito Jessie. We were talking about it yesterday, and Tito Jessie jokingly said that he's going to ask Garry to come with us. Ever since Harmony's birth, he hasn't seen his kid yet. Posh doesn't want him near Harmony. And Garry keeps his distance. If Harmony could talk, I'm sure she'd give them both a sermon. It wouldn't help at all if this situtation goes on. Garry has to face his responsibility, and Posh has to let Garry help out. He may have turned his back on her, but I'm sure he wouldn't turn his back on his daughter.

Sigh... the things that life throws at us. What would make me feel better right now? A good book and ice cream. Chat with my besty. And embrace my sweetheart.

Thursday, September 9, 2004

Favorite people on earth!

Rye, my ex-partner, is one of the names on my most-missed-people list. I miss seeing this guy every morning, joking around, getting pissed off when he's late, talking about the people we hate over coffee. The show was super fun when he was around. Some people hated it. Some loved it. We didn't care. We just had fun, and that's it. Miss this guy!

Mareng Ida is Jada of the Evening Jive. Fellow Thomasian. She's super fun to be with. I co-hosted with her on Wave Wedding Blends on Wed TV. And I can't wait for the next shoot. That would mean bonding for the whole day! :) We both super hate the same bitchy rotten apple. And it's so fun laughing and having coffee with this gal.

Havin' fun!

Hon and I discovered this great place where they serve fine Japanese without hurting your budget. Tempura Grill along Tomas Morato. I love their tuna sashimi, real good quality! Hon ordered squid, and some fancy rice, I forgot what it's called. Everything's so yummy! We have yet to try their grilled specialties. I think you can actually grill on your table. We'll try that next time. Check out Tempura Grill! Affordable Japanese at its finest!

My beau's birthday!

It's my baby's birthday today! He's blowing 26 candles on his cake now. Sigh... we're getting older and older. But nothing has changed about the way we feel for each other. We're just as in-love as we were the first time we met. Even more so now, I guess. Tonight we're celebrating with his family. Dinner with the in-laws. :) His parents are out of the country. But Bianca is here, and Tito Rey is treating, and the other titos and titas will be there, too. Plus Lola of course. I'll be on leave tomorrow so I wouldn't have to wake up early. It's my man's birthday, so I want to have time for him the whole night. Happy birthday, baby!

My WAVE family!

Meet the people of Wave 89.1! Some of them, I mean. Guys on top are (L-R) Jun DJ of the Quiet Storm, Randy of WWF, Rye my ex-partner, Wendell of the Blue Room, Garry and Eric P our programming heads. Then there's me in the center, with Lindy our continuity voice, Mabel of the Bounce, George of GMAX. Guys below (L-R) are Ajie of Saturday Get-Away, Jason of the Evening Jive, and the oh-so-famous Erik Mana of the Blue Room.

This DJ's daily grind...

The clock strikes 4 and I'm out out of the covers. Same old grind everyday, except for the S days on my calendar. I play your music every morning, making sure you're feeling good from the time you hop out of bed, 'til you tackle traffic to get to where you're headed. I am your morning companion, your girl, your friend, the radio babe. Welcome to my place. You'll find my confessions and expressions right here. Read on...