Thursday, September 30, 2004

Thursday Sentiments

It's the last day of September! We're getting closer and closer to Christmas! That means getting your bonus and 13th month, and losing every peso from shopping. Hehehe. :) Although radio people don't get to take breaks during the holiday season, it's still nice to be working when everyone else is busy unwrapping gifts and pigging out on ham and lechon and queso de bola. You know the listeners are there, sharing the holidays with you. Some nice people even give us gifts. And it's wonderful to receive presents from people I don't even know, but they know ME because I'm on their radio sets every day. :) Advance Christmas greetings to all! May we all have a festive and prosperous one this year.

I'm sitting here in front of my PC, waiting for my beau to pick me up. I'm having lunch with my besty in a while. While waiting, I browsed through some pics and found one with me and Tita Mags of Mossimo, taken during the premiere of The Notebook at Greenbelt 3. And one pic with me, Jun DJ and Garry, taken during the SMB Wave Senses event at Moomba. Just thought I'd post them. :)

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