Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The things I miss...

I guess today's not going to be a busy one for me. I'll just head to Makati later to give Daisy my demo CD. If I have time, I'll swing by Franck Provost. I love going there. It's the best salon I've ever been to. And the people are really friendly.

Just sitting here in front of my PC, missing a lot of things. I've been so busy the past few weeks, I've missed out on so many things, stuff I usually do in my life. I miss...

- lying in bed, thinking about nothing, reading a good book, or a Readers Digest.
- sitting in the kitchen with my mom, sharing stories over ice cream. I love my mom!
- lunch with my best friend, sharing dessert, and laughing.
- lying in bed with my honey, just cuddling, and talking about life.
- window-shopping with my folks, laughing with my sis Adie while we make fun of JR's stupid looking ads for UniSilver. I hate JR! Sharing cotton candy with my siblings.
- shopping for shoes with my honey.
- having coffee with Rye. Starbucks, or breakfast at Figaro. Sigh... Those were the happy days.
- videoke! Unleashing the diva within me. Either with my beau, with my friends, or all of them!
- singing duets with my daddy. I love my daddy!
- watching DVD with my folks, sharing pop corn and potato chips.
- milk baths and salt scrubs!
- lunch with Nadine, and listening to her endless stories.
- chatting with Ida.
- movie tripping with my love at Eastwood. Eastwood Cinema rules! Sharing banana splits with him while we wait for the movie to start.
- Pho Bo Ko at Pho Hoa! God, I miss that!
- I miss my lolo. Very much.

Sometimes we get so busy, with work, or whatever. And when finally we pause to rest, or think, we realize how much we've missed, how much of the wonderful things we've left undone, how much time we've lost. Sometimes we're so intent on making a living, making money, making ends meet, that we forget the really important things that make life complete. And I guess that's when we should be thankful to God, because He keeps on giving us another day, to make up for what was lost or undone.

That's my drama for today. :) Thanks for your time.

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