Friday, September 24, 2004

What up, what up, what up?

I got sick so I wasn't able to go the Radio Works Simulcast event. But that's okay. I tuned in to the radio, and shared text messages and sentiments with my friend Ida. I'm better now, thank God! I can't afford to be sick. I sound awful on air and I can't record. Things at work are less hectic now. Hon and I were able to watch The Terminal last Saturday. Tomorrow we're going to catch The Bourne Supremacy. It feels great to be NOT BUSY. :) My bestfriend Len is celebrating her 25th birthday tomorrow. Cheers to my besty!

I am now the official female VO for Dream Satellite Broadcasting. So if you're on Dream, you'll be hearing my voice in all their channels. Yup, I got the job, and it feels great! I've always wanted to be an "official voice" of a network or the like. I finally got my wish! I started my first recording this morning. 'Twas fun. And the people and the producers are nice.

I'm hosting Wave 89.1's stick-on at the Galleria. I'm wearing this really fab top I got from People R People. It says DRAMA QUEEN! Cool, huh? Perfect for me. :) You should check out their shirts. Really cool. I got one that says something like LOVE, PEACE, HAPPINESS. Alvin bought those tops for me. Thanks baby! :) I was supposed to get this sexy yellow top that says HOT STUFF. But the shoulders are too bare, and with my allergies, it's such a no-no. Oh well...

Feels great to be FREE, with all the time in the world to spend! No deadlines, no pressures, no assignments. Oh wait, Sir Joe just called and he said he's going to ask me to make an AVP presentation for Hallmark. Minimum budget, but that's fine with me. No details yet. So for the meantime, enjoy life!

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