Monday, September 13, 2004

Busy with the Golden Dove...

Still working on the KBP Golden Dove Awards. I'm waiting for Garry before we start our production meeting. Sir Joe asked us to prepare the technical show flow, or whatever you call it. Good thing the 15th is just two winks away. I want to go out and see a movie. I haven't seen The Terminal yet. And Hon and I are looking forward to watch Bourne Supremacy. No time for the movies just yet. Maybe after this whole KBP thing.

After the meeting, I'm off to Makati to submit my demo CD to Daisy. Their company is looking for a female VO. I hope I get the job. I've prepared a pretty good demo, with various plugs I voiced, different moods, both in English and Filipino. I hope her boss likes it. And I hope I'm the voice they're looking for. Wish me luck!

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