Saturday, September 11, 2004

Working on a Saturday

I'm here at work, on a Saturday. I'm helping Sir Joe with the preps for the KBP Golden Dove Awards. I feel sorry for him, he looks so tired. Yesterday, he told us that even in his dreams, he was still working on the KBP Awards thing. Wawa naman. I'm done with the script for the whole program. But I'll be adding some lines on Monday because Kitchie Nadal was added to the list of performers. I just finished writing Sir Joe's message for the souvenir booklet. I also revised the script for the UNICEF AVP. Voiced it as well. Good thing my voice is still OK today. Last night, my throat was a bit sore. I hosted the MIX MATCH event at Virgin Cafe, with Harry of Jam 88.3. 'Twas fun. And tiring. The event was a success, by the way. Super jam-packed! And I got some moolah, yehey! I'm so broke these days.

Honey and I are having one of our usual melodramatic fights. It's tiring, to be fighting over really insignificant issues. I just felt bad because I wanted him to be absent from work tonight. But he can't. And I know that he really can't skip work. No harm in asking, though. That's what started the war. We're going to talk later and try to work things out. Sigh...

So tired and sleepy and restless. Tomorrow I'm going to Bulacan for the christening of Posh's baby. I'm going with Tita Mags and Tito Jessie. We were talking about it yesterday, and Tito Jessie jokingly said that he's going to ask Garry to come with us. Ever since Harmony's birth, he hasn't seen his kid yet. Posh doesn't want him near Harmony. And Garry keeps his distance. If Harmony could talk, I'm sure she'd give them both a sermon. It wouldn't help at all if this situtation goes on. Garry has to face his responsibility, and Posh has to let Garry help out. He may have turned his back on her, but I'm sure he wouldn't turn his back on his daughter.

Sigh... the things that life throws at us. What would make me feel better right now? A good book and ice cream. Chat with my besty. And embrace my sweetheart.

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